sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2020

ASOIAF: First 1.5.1 Tournament

New Age for Nights Watch

New players are joining our community here in Helsinki and specially at our Wargaming Club Nopat & Taktikka (Dice & Tactics). That's the welcome result of actively promotion of the game by arranging game nights with demos to new players, running a map based campaign and by monthly tournaments, always organized by the previous winners. Report of the first tournament I organized here .

Fellas; back row from left: Mika (TO) - Lannisters, Heikki - Baratheon, Esa - Boltons
Middle: Crazy dude with a sword: me - Nights Watch
Front from left: Pave - Free Folk, Jaakko - Starks - our newest player

keskiviikko 26. helmikuuta 2020

Armies on Parade: Night’s Watch

Taking the black

Nigth's Watch was my second army to SONG after Starks. After loosing many times with Starter Box Starks to Lannisters, it was nice to start with NW and WIN!

perjantai 21. helmikuuta 2020

ASOIAF: War of the Kings Campaign - Battle two

My Targaryens face a Baratheon Battle line

Our campaign moved on to it's second round and I got my second round game the next night after the previous on, so I was feeling good about my Targaryens - having tabled another Baratheon army (by another player) in a practise game two weeks back...

 Our Deployment; Targaryens in a pincer formation and Baratheons in a tight battle line

maanantai 17. helmikuuta 2020

Targaryens in Action - Battles in the War of Five Kings Campaign

First round of the campaign

So, we have 10 player ASOAIF Campaign running and playing my brand new Targaryen faction. So far I've played total of four games with them (Night's Watch, Baratheon, Starks, Baratheon) and I've won twice and been tabled twice! So it's a rollercoaster at the moment, but I think I'm getting the hang of it! Here you read about my first campaign game...

lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2020

Battle of Oravais - Part 1.- blast from the past

First go with Black Powder 2nd Edition

Two brave volunteers joined in to give the 2nd edition a go.
See the pictures of the game in this blog post.

This is another un-finished battle report, that I'm now putting out, because why not. 

FIRST GAME OF SAGA 2 - blast from the past

And the 5th Game of our Limes Campaign 

Last Romans vs. Germanic People

Our club’s Saga players gathered again for another Saga Games Night, but this time it was a special: first go with Saga 2.0
Last Romans (me) faced Germanic People in 5th year game of our Limes Campaign (Rome currently leading 15-8 vs. Barbarians). Other games were Saracens vs. Normans (playing Crusaders) and Vikings vs. Scots. A full battle report on my game and conclusions on how we all felt about Saga 2.0 follows...

This post was created about a year ago, but was not finished. So here it is, not finished but eye candy anyway!