sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2018

Ropecon: Finnish Civil War 1918 - UPDATED

Battle of Orivesi

So our D-day had arrived. Since late 2017 we had been discussing playing the Finnish Civil War 1918 with Bolt action and hosting a demo game in the Largest LARP / RPG / Card Gaming / Miniature Gaming / Whatever Gaming - event in Finland, Ropecon. Then we had been searching the web for suitable miniatures and converting and painting them.
See my commitments to this project here.

I had to leave scout camp Kliffa one day earlier to make it to Ropecon for Sunday. In the morning
I dressed up for the occasion. It's been to hot in Finland to use the warm woollen jacket (sarkatakki), that would have suited the theme even better.

lauantai 4. elokuuta 2018

Finnish Civilwar 1918 page published

See above under, ”projects” pictures and info on our club’s Finnish Civil war 1918 project.

perjantai 13. heinäkuuta 2018

Samurai! - post updated.

Samurais and Songoku-jidai period in Wargaming

Notice: this is more or less the same content as published at

Have been my interest for years and years and I've been collecting my Sengoku-Jidai -period army for a long time - but haven't really had that many games, as there has not been other players with similar armies. After all Japanese mainly fought each other during this era. The few games I've had with them before have been quite weird indeed: Warhammer Fantasy fan made army list and fighting Late Imperial Romans, Pike & Shotte rules and fighting 17th century Swedes and then finally a P&S game against Mongols (I was soundly beaten), that at least had some historical relevance.

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sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2018

Project Salute: Battle of Stäket 13.8.1719

Nordic Co-operation in military matters continued - invasion of Britain

Dalauppror with his warband of Swedish & British sell-swords are already notorious for their presentation games in Salute. As a committed Great Northern War armies collector I was allowed to join in on this crew and so started my "Project Salute"

Me, myself and the Maestro himself!

Read on to learn what this all meant!

lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2018

Nopat Club’s traditional summer weekend: Bolt action!

Pacific Theatre Campaign Day 

A great tradition of gentlemanly summer weekend with wargaming, good friends, cold drinks, fat cigars and hot sauna has been established at our club. You can find blurry accounts of previous sessions in my blog.

This time we decided to run a kind of team tournament with a Pasific team.
Concept is based on the campaign day event pack  by - thanks for sharing!