tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2018

Unboxing FireForge Games' Byzantine Auxiliaries

Unboxing and some Kitbashing

I had pre-ordered these already in August and finally today the wait was over!
Read on to find out how I like them and to see some kitbashing too (of course)

sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2018

Kingdoms in East Campaign: Round 4

Delivering the Word of God to the Pagans (with a Sword)

For the 4th round I was challenged by Matti, the fearsome chieftain of Baltic Pagan warband. They have had several armies forcing christianity down their throat (and some Islam too), but still they continued to resist! Being a Finn myself (if not a pagan), I almost felt ashamed to fight my ancestors.

maanantai 8. lokakuuta 2018

Samurai Games Day 2.: Test of Honor

 Three Player Drama

Three promising Samurai (/ Sohei / Shinobi) novices gathered to our club to hear from their sensei (me) about the true Test of Honor! We played a three player scenario, invented by me.

Read on to learn how it all went down!

perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2018

First Game of Middle Earth SBG

And a first Game with Erebor reclaimed 

& Laketown survivors -army

I'm preparing an army for a coming ME SBG tournament and wanted to try out the new edition before it... so I speed painted my force for the game with Kalle...

Read further for more pics on the minis and how they are converted... and of course to learn how the battle unfolded!

maanantai 24. syyskuuta 2018

Back to 1808 with a new player joining our ranks

Random encounter somewhere in Finland

Busy with many gaming related things, so just pictures of this game with a new player joining our 1808-1809 campaign Antti. For some reason Mac throws the pics into the blog in a random order...

sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2018

Kingdoms in the East Campaign - Round 3. Summary

Challenging the leading player

After two rounds and two victories I continued my course of action and challenged Jaakko, whom was leading our campaign. So a second round of challenging a Jaakko, whom is leading...

Battles and results on Round 3. 

Marko's Arabs vs. Jaakko's Seljuqs - Victory for Seljuqs (Game played by Kalle)
Sami's Teutons vs. Mikko's Goths - Victory for Teutons
Tommi's Swedish KD vs. Matti's Baltic Pagans - yet to be played
My Rus vs. Jaakko B's Novgorod Anglo Danes - Minor victory to Anglo Danes, see report below

Campaign Status in the end of Round 3.