maanantai 12. helmikuuta 2018

Sohei Buntai and a new start for Ronin (by Osprey)

Fight for the Temple

The long wait to get back into "Samurai-gaming" was finally over. Throughout the fall of 2017 we had been chatting about getting a small Ronin campaign going with my mates Joonas and Juha (a 4th player needed!). Joonas had the responsibility to get us organized, but our good doctor seemed too busy... Finally in our club's Christmas party (held in January) I managed to corner him and we agreed this date our calendars! 

sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Gentelemen's Saga-tournament

Winter War Saga-tournament

Finally the days had arrived! Nopat & Taktiikka Club's famous Winter War Tournament Weekend
with some 150 players fighting it out in some 7 different game systems including 40K, 9th Age, FoW, Bolt Action, Infinity, Guildball and SAGA!

I had been organizing the Saga-tournament since November and was delighted to finally get into action! Unfortunately 2 out of 8 players had cancelled, but as you can see, the committed bunch of Warlords started the day in very good humours!

perjantai 26. tammikuuta 2018

Stop the Press!!!! Painted miniatures during 2017 re-calculated

Am I living in Florida or what?

Because that's the place they typically don't get score right the first time...

During January I've published several "Armies on Parade" -blog posts and while doing that, I've re-calculated miniatures painted this year. I've also taken a slightly more relaxed approach to my calculation: if a mini has a few details not yet picked up with painting, but I consider it at least battlefield ready, I've added them to my calculation. Even with with that, there's still many many minis unfinished, some of them started last year, some earlier.

1st of January I reported in a blog post, that I had finished 309 miniatures last year, the truth is quite something else... guess how many?

Armies on Parade: Late Romans

My first army built and painted for 

Aetius & Arthur -Saga supplement

Armies on Parade: Great Northern War Russians & Saxons

The Arch enemy

Peter the Great's army with colors flying

lauantai 20. tammikuuta 2018

Bustling Saga activity in Finland

Saga Limes Campaign year 4, news on the 2nd edition, upcoming Saga-tournament...

Our club is at the moment bustling with Saga-activity, so this blog post gives you an overview of what's going on here in Helsinki, Finland. In this same package you'll also get what have I gathered on Saga 2nd edition and a battle report on my 4th game in our Saga Limes Campaign! Enjoy!