New Project: Russo-Swedish War in 1808-1809 aka "The Finnish War" (Suomen Sota)

Latest update 1.4.2017

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This is really not a new project, as it has been started few years back. Now with our excellent visit to Little Wars Club is Stockholm and the games played there I (we) really got excited about converting miniatures for this war.


7.11.2016 Figures coverted and being painted for the Russo-Swedish war

I've been very focused on producing troops via conversion from Perry metals (British) and plastic British, Austrians and French. Here are conversion results and painting WIP pics.

Finnish commanders made from Victrix Austrians (command sprue) with some
French bits added (Victrix as well)

Converted Perry Brits - now they are Finns!
The officer with bicorne is Victrix Austrian.

Dismounted Carelian Dragoon: metallic horse from some mini flea market, body of a Victrix Austrian, rifle arm from Perry plastic dragoons and the head is from Victrix French artillery

Converting French horses into Swedish (or Russian) Dragoon horses

Bits for Carelian dragoons

Green stuffing models into Finns / Swedes

Finnish Jägers kitbashed and converted from Victrix Britis torsos, with heads from Warlord 
French hussars and hands from Victrix Austrians and Perry French dragoons, swords
from Victrix Frenchs

Converted Perry Brits

Perry Britis artillery crew (British in Egypt) and a few Trent Miniatures

Converting British heads from Brigade Games

Painting Perrys into Savolax Regiment colors

Sources of information and inspiration:

Finnish / Swedish Miniatures for Suomen Sota

(there are more producers for Russian miniatures, just make sure you choose the earlier variants eh NOT 1812 miniatures, as for example hats changed)


There are actually few manufacturers for 28 mm, that we have discovered, even if I have mainly used Perry metals and kitbashed plastics sets to convert troops to my army.

Eagle Miniatures Swedes

Bicorne Miniatures Swedes

Converting other minis (maybe better ones):

Perry Miniatures: several plastic sets and early war Bristish with round hats.

I've used plastic Austrians for my Finnish Infantry.

British with round hats example

Instructions on converting them:

French dragoons make good base for both Finnish Dragoons and Jaegers

Swedes / Finns: in 15mm.

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