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Unboxing FireForge Games' Byzantine Auxiliaries (few pics added 11/2018)

Unboxing and some Kitbashing

I had pre-ordered these already in August and finally today the wait was over!
Read on to find out how I like them and to see some kitbashing too (of course)


 Sprues seem surprisingly "loose" as typically they are quite packed... then again the sprue has everything you need and more to make several different kind of troops and to have plenty extra for your bits box. Maybe a sixth model could have fitted in?

As soon as the kids were in bed I grabbed my plastic building tools and dived in to 
building first samples... 

Missile troops

Missile options are many: with or without armour, with a bow or with a staffsling, with bucklers or without... poses and details are good. Head variant used on the two models on the left look like a angry gnome to me! Very nice indeed.

Melee troops

With these models I started kitbashing. Took up bits from their Byzantine spearmen set and built some "levy infantry" to my Byzantine Warband for Saga. Larger shields and the longer spear (in the middle) are from that set.

Few painted samples (added 11/2018)

And some crossbows (added 11/2018)


This set obviously doesn't come with cavalry options, but since all warriors in Byzantine Warband for Saga are horse riders with composite bows, I kitbashed few samples using Dark Age and Roman cavalry from Grippingbeast. Let's see if I'll do more as I have few sets of combosite bow vielding cavalry coming from Footsore Miniatures

And as the final picture: some kitbashed, armored Byzantine archers combining their Medieval Russians and Byzantine Spearmen sets (built when there was no info on this new set)


  • Another excellent and versatile plastic set from FF!
  • Fills in the void for plastic Byzantine miniatures
  • I think a set of this price should have a bit more than 25 models
  • Luckily there will be surplus bits to build more from other plastic sets 

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. You're most welcome. See some of them in action on my latest blogpost!

  2. Thanks for valuable review, I am waiting for my set. I hope it will arrive before Xmas. Marcin from http://tuzzelvassal.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi.your cavalry look great and I am also kitbashing the Byzantine set to make a bit more variety of infantry and also some cavalry. I wondered what little big man studios shield transfers you used - was it the ones they make for Crusader miniatures range, or the ones they make for Gripping Beast? Thanks Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew. These were from https://www.wargametransfers.com/fireforge-byzantine-infantry.html

  4. Hi ! Great review and I really like your conversions ! What arms did you use for your crossbowmen ?

    1. Croosbow arms are both from Citadel's Empire range (Militia or something) and from Fireforge's Foot Sergeanst https://fireforge-games.com/men-at-arms/13-foot-sergeants.html