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ASOIAF: 3D Terrain

Making the Battlefield more visual

Objectives (Mantic)

Coming from a wargaming background, 2D terrain just doesn't cut it for me. As I really love this game and miniatures for it are great, so the battlefield should look good too!

The usual stuff

My gaming kit part 2. (Part 1. has rules, tokens etc.) with 2D and 3D terrain.

The Swamp - step by step

Turning 2D into 3D


Weirwood trees & Corpse piles 

One on the left is a 3D printed tree and the one on the right is
an old GW plastic tree with the face modelled with green stuff

Corpse pile combined from different casualty bits

Cavalry casualty is from Mantic's battlefield objectives box,
scattered battlefield terrain is from Green Stuff World (GSW)

Pimping a 3D printed Corpse Pile from Diced Gaming
Step by Step

We bought the file with a friend to print 3D Corpse piles. These 
models as they came out of the printer were OK, but not good enough to satisfy
the level of visuality I want to have, So I proceeded to upgrade them...

Adding bits and pieces

Adding sand

Undercoat: first black and then grey spray

Painting - start with dry brushing the sand

Painting finished - before splashing mud and blood!

Blood and mud splattered - should I add even more?

These corpses have already started decaying (greenish flesh) 


A flayed (Baratheon) man has no secrets

War is a bloody business

Scavengers prowl amongst the dead

I've also used GW's Mumakil (Lotr) base - yet to be finished

Activation tokens

Flayed men for Boltons from Ebay

Plastic dragons from an ancient GW Mighty Empires set for Targaryens

Custom Tactics Boards

First custom board I made is a "Lego-like" set with some stone floor added and the TB glued to
a platform.

Chamber of Small council step by step

I had seen some examples of TB zones being set around a table and I wanted to take this to the
next level, so I decided to make it into the room, where the Small Council has it's meetings in the Red Keep, King's Landing

Planning the layout and choosing the bits.
* Stone floor from Renedra
* Walls and stairs from GW (Lord of the Rings ruins)
* Chairman's chair: some old resin piece
* Statue, Chest, candles, scrolls, weapons rack from Lasers & Dungeons Kick Starter add ons
* Wine decanter etc. stuff on the table are resin pieces
* Wolf pelt (which I forgot to use) is probably from GSW
* Pile of coins &  tray with food from Mantic's terrain crates
* plastic horse head and a resin plinth (from a Greek set)


Finished set




Bases and Movement trays

They also deserve some love!

The Battlefield

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