maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Battle of Siikajoki 16.4.1808

Finns to the offensive!

All set for the next episode in our "Finnish War 1808-09" or Suomen  Sota -Campaign...

Ken joen rannall' on tuo miesi ylhäinen,
jok' yli vetten, maiden katsahtaapi?
Jo ryhti, huulten uhka, säihke silmien,
kädessä miehekkäässä miekka tulinen
urosta, sotilasta muistuttaapi.
Hän yksinään on, ilman seuraajaa,
mies nuori tullen mennen herrallensa
vain aika ajoin sanaa kuljettaa;
mut takan ja eessä kaksi armeijaa
veristä surmaa uhkaa toisillensa.
Hän tuosa näkee Siikajoen maiseman
niin kolkkona kuin ruumiin laudoillansa,
hän Suomen sodan muistaa vielä kolkomman,
häpeän, paon, hylyks jääneen kunnian
ja ryssäin pilkkanaurun takanansa.
Se syynä, miks niin synkkä otsa on,
miks varjo musta huolihunnun vetää
peitteeksi urhon jaloon muotohon;
hän näkee, kuinka Suomi, äiti turvaton,
nyt alttiiks jää, kun poikain miehuus pettää.

- Part of the poem "Adlercreutz" by Johan Ludvig Runeberg,

WIP: pictures added, report will follow...

tiistai 11. huhtikuuta 2017

Testing the New Saga Supplement: Aetius & Arthur

Roma Victor!

Since Hamburger Tactica, where I acquired the plastic Gripping beast box of late Romans and some metal blisters as well, I've been building up my 6 point late Roman Warband. So far I've played two games with them: 1 against Saxons played by Timo and one against Britons played by Sami. Below you'll find reports (WIP - first game done) from the games and my thoughts on how the roman board works. 

Arthur (Foundry) and his elites

Painting status 10.4.

lauantai 1. huhtikuuta 2017

Finishing miniatures

1808 Reinforcements: Jaegers for Finns and Russians

As my painting goal for this year is to FINISH  (including varnish) miniatures, that I'm painting, I sticked to completing these Russian jaegers in a one go (= not leaving them almost finished). I also did the final touches for some Savolax jaegers, that had been "almost finished" since November 2016.

So here they are ready for the game tomorrow:

Some WIP pictures from the painting process:

maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Super Gaming Week: Game 3.

The long waited

"Finnish War 1808-09" (Suomen Sota) 


It was in last September, when this fire was really ignited. I had been slowly collecting some minis for the Russo-Swedish War 1808-09 (where Finland was torn away from being part of Sweden and annexed to the Russian Tzardom), but visiting The Little Wars Club in Stockholm really kicked this project on. They introduced us to  the Pikeman's Lament rules system based on the successful Lion Rampant -system. Miniature painting (and buying more) started after the trip and then we just had to wait for the Pikeman's Lament ruleset to be published...

Now were finally all set and played the first battle as presented in the excellent gaming resource by Sword and Sabre -publishing : 16.4.1808 Battle of Yppäri (Pyhäjoki).

Super Gaming Week Game 2.

Banish the Daemons!

My second game of the week was my  Imperial Agents vs. Antti's Khorne Army - very fluffy indeed!

sunnuntai 19. maaliskuuta 2017

Super Gaming Week: Game 1. LOTR

Good shall prevail!

First game of super duper gaming (and painting) week was a 2 vs. 2 LOTR game with my friends Marko (Sharkey and his evil minions), Kalle P. (Isengard with Dunlending focus) as the evil side and my elves and Adrian's (guest player from Turku, whom we new from LOTR Finland fb-group) stout dwarven force led by Gimli and Legolas (whom this time won their body count easily!).

tiistai 14. maaliskuuta 2017

GNW: Battle of Holowcyn

King Charles leads the Charge!

Last Sunday we finally fought the battle of Holowcyn. Scenario was straight out of the BP supplement "Last Argument of the Kings" . We splitted the OOB to 50% to make our collections cut it. Several units were actually left out of the game, so we're not far from playing it with full OOB.

lauantai 4. maaliskuuta 2017

Bolt Action Day @ Nopat Club

HQ-Raid in the Far East

We had an "Open House" for Bolt Action today at our Club. This meant we had set up BA games on good looking gaming tables and people could come and play, even without own minis or previous experience. We had a full house (including few 9th Age -players in the midst) with couple of new players wanting to try it out. I was hosting a scenario from the Empires in Flames -book: HQ Raid, where British troops were attacking a village with a local Japanese HQ. All Japs & Gurghas painted by me, Chindits painted by Mikko. I was playing with my friend Ludde and his pals quite new to the game. They preferred not be presented in the blog, hence the "masking" of faces.

tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2017

Hamburger Tactica Day 2: Gaming with Friends

I woke up early to reach Tactica by nine, I had booked a slot for a Congo game at 9:00. On normal home Sundays I'd still be sleeping at nine... So committed.

I was even more happy when Micke joined the game as my team mate against two German fellows.

lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2017

perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2017

Hamburger Tactica - day 0: Lubeck

This time 4 out 5 from our Tactica-team headed towards
Lubeck instead of doing the @routine tour of Hamburg, as we have done quite a few times already. Change is nice!

sunnuntai 5. helmikuuta 2017

Pikeman's Lament @ Little Wars Club in Stockholm

Business and Pleasure

I had a business trip to Stockholm and used the opportunity to visit my gaming pals at Little Wars -club in Stockholm.

As Pikeman's Lament had just been published by Osprey, we played a Great Northern War battle. You can find battle report by the rules co-author Micke here. Once again I enjoyed a great game in a beautiful terrain!

Some further pics and some story telling below.

sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2017

Winter War 2017 - Bolt Action Tournament



Yippee! I won the second ever Bolt Action Tournament in Finland!
See pictures of games below.
Reports will follow.

sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2017

UPDATED: Nopat Club's Winter War event closing in!

UPDATED: Airfield -project & loads of Japanese

Our Clubs annual gaming event is next week and I'll be running the Bolt Action tournament with another Nopat Fellow Juha. Nowadays Nopat Winter War is the biggest miniature wargaming event in Finland with tournaments also for 9th Age, 40K, Flames, Warmachine & Hordes and Infinity.

I've been building & painting stuff for a spesific BA Scenario "Air field raid", that I've designed and play tested (3 times now). Read more about the scenario, test games and see WIP pics on stuff I'm working on.

tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2017

KoW - OK, now I'm convinced

Throng of Jorrim Truesteel's epic battle 

against the Varangur hordes 

Played my 4th or so game of Kings of War. So far I hadn't been really convinced about the system (maybe because I haven't won a single battle ;-)), this game made the difference... read on to learn why!

maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2017

Updated: Summary of 2016 & Plans for 2017

Year full of HOBBY!

What a year of hobby it has been! I'm in such a happy state in my life, that the split between working - family  and hobby-life is almost in balance. Of course once and a while hobby life keeps me a wake too late, which impacts the too others and my wife might not always agree on the balance, but at least we get along and I'm happy with the "balance"!

It seems that my hobby activity level has been the same for 2015-2016:

This is more than a one blog post per week!

The amount of visitors on my blog is also growing nicely with the total of 50K visits closing in fast!

Most popular blog posts have been:

Not surprisingly very popular Bolt Action takes lead, also play testing and unboxing texts gather audience nicely. Also being linked to Dalauppror's blog has generated traffic.

Top 5 texts actually correlate very nicely on the higlights of my hobby-year: painting Finns for Bolt Action (and playing with them), play testing  Burn & Loot and seeing it published and of course my Great Northern War -project, which has gathered a total of 25 blog posts and has been most active this year. It has also been the most visited "page" in my blog and it also has a strong connection to why we decided to visit our gaming friends in Stockholm -they have been our guides in both GNW as well as the Russo-Swerdish War of 1808-1809, which I think will be one of my hottest topics for 2017!

Visiting Little Wars -club in Stockholm

Read on to see the high light of 2016 in picture as well to find out about my plans for 2017!