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Allah Akbar - Deus Vult!

Crusades Mania has taken over my closest gaming circle at the Nopat-club: C&C (in Finnish).

This is a kind of a record: we have 11 players joining on a historical campaign, on this case with the Saga -system. So far we've had much less players on our Saga-tournaments etc.
A Deus Vult -demogame is also planned...

Well, of course I'm involved - on the Saracen side.

Here are some WIP pictures. Figures are from Citadel (including Lotr Haradrim), Gripping Beast and Perry... and some bits from FireForge's plastic crusaders and Mongols

I'm specially pleased with the kitbashing results, on infantry and specially on the cavalry. Even if my undercoating spray managed to almost ruin a batch of four saracen heavy cavalryman!

 Probbly my army commander, Horse is from Citadel's Lotr-range and the rider is kitbashed
 Another kitbash on a Lotr-horse (Easterling)
 The mighty saracen army assembled
 Some HQ, musician from Perry, heroes from Lotr
 Warlord Games´ Camel Auxiliary  
 Kitbashed infantry: GB's Arabs, Perry Mahdists, FF Mongol bits...

Kitbashed cavalry in it's glory - they're next to be painted.

More pictures here

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