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Saga: Crescent & Cross - Siege scenario & battle reports


We've now played siege twice with simple enough scenario and few extra rules. Read further to learn how it worked out. You're most welcome to copy the concept of course!

The Scenario - Siege as a team game

Game size: 
Attackers 2 X 6 points warbands + battering ram, siege tower and trebuchet -battery and ladders
Defenders 2 X 4 points warbands

Game lenght: 8 rounds, Attacker starts the game (defenders roll 3 saga dice each for their boards for the start)

Victory conditions: the side with most kill points inside the city (= more than 4" from the wall) wins the game. Difference of 1-3 points only is a draw

Deployment: Attackers deploy more than 12" from the wall, trebuchet battery 18-24" from the wall. Defenders must deploy at least half of their units to man the walls & towers

Special rules


  • All mounted units can play dismounted. 
  • Units on the wall / inside the city can move up / down ONLY via towers or the gate house.
  • Unit controlling the gate house can lower / raise the drawbridge automatically- without an action, unless exhausted.
  • Buildings within the city are impassable, can't move within VS -rule is ignored.
  • Each tower / wall section / gatehouse counts as a normal building (capacity, hard cover). Attacking  from a wall section to adjacent wall section counts as normal melee (no building rules). If a warlord is occupying a section / tower with a unit, he / she automatically fights with them when charged at.


  • Assaulting the walls with ladders: all units without bows / xbows / other siege engines carry dedicated ladders. Once they charge the walls (move within 2") they automatically erect the ladders. In the ensuing melee sequence attackers halve their number of attacks. Defenders have hard cover.
  • Siege tower: dedicate a unit to push it, if reduced to less then 4 models, can't move anymore. Have hard cover while in the tower. Moves 4" / movement activation. Once within 4" of the wall can immediately charge the walls. No penalties for attackers charging from the tower. After the dedicated unit has left the tower, another unit can use it to enter the walls. Defenders coming into contact with an empty ST can torch it.

  • Battering ram: dedicate a unit to push it, if reduced to less then 4 models, can't move anymore. Have hard cover while pushing / using it. Moves 4" / movement activation. Unit using it attacks the gate with maximum of 1 attack / model (levies naturally less). Gate is hit with "6's" and has 3 hit points and resilience -rule as per warlords
  • Trebuchet -battery: dedicate a unit to use them, if reduced to less then 4 models, can't use it anymore. Have soft cover while using it. Shoots once per round with an activation. Hits a nomited wall section automatically. Wall collapses after 4 hits. Suggestion: add random factor to this, for example: Round 2 collapses on 6 (D6), R3 collapses on 5+ (D6), etc. When the wall section collapses all models on it must roll a melee save (5+) or be eliminated. Unit(s) with surviving models gain 1 fatigue. Replace the wall section with an appropriate collapsed version.


  • Have hard cover against all attacks from outside the walls (except siege tower)
  • All units can throw stones as 4" range missile weapons (shooting activation)
  • To be developed: hot oil

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