perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2017

Hamburger Tactica - day 0: Lubeck

This time 4 out 5 from our Tactica-team headed towards
Lubeck instead of doing the @routine tour of Hamburg, as we have done quite a few times already. Change is nice!
Our main objective in Lubeck was the Hansa and of course 'Monta pitkaa kylmaa Lyypekissa'
As the old Finnish hit song goes *by Samuli Edelmann

Old town of Lybeck was very nice - lots of historical feeeling
and sights to see.

Hansa Museum

The museum was one of the most interactive ones
I have visited. 
Me and a wax monk above, Juha as a Hansa-warrior below

We also found a Finlandia House near the harbour.

Lubecker Dom

Rathaus and Nopat Fellows enjoying life

They even had an icering on the Rathaus Square

Entering the old town

I finally got to wear my WW2 Japanese hat

It was indeed nice to visit Lubeck for a change.
As we are devoted gamers we spend most of the train trip 
evaluating the "country side" landscape and considering how
we should build new gaming tables...

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