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Salute 2019 Part 1.

Meeting friends, shopping and general goodiness

It was my second time in Salute (last years report here) this year and once again I was part of Dalauppror's team in preparing and presenting a demo game. I will post a separate "report" on that project. This post is about everything else in Salute.

Besides running a game and shopping, Salute is an event where I have the opportunity to meet face2face people and friends from my "international wargaming network". In this picture I'm shaking hands with Andy Lyons, whom is organising Saga World Cup this year. I'm organising qualifications in Finland. Read on to see what else was there to see, meet and buy.

Me mates

Next friend I met was Andy Hobday from Footsore Miniatures and Games.
We've been in a continuous social media contact since I started writing for Sculpting, Painting and Gaming and I also organised a joint pre-order for Mortal Gods (recently arrived!) 

Footsore / Warbanner stand had what remained of their first 
print run on Mortal Gods

Sami (left) and Mikko (middle) are mates from our Nopat Club

It has been a pain to get our hands on Song of Ice and Fire.
I had pre-ordered a bunch of sets (not all of these) and
Salute had plenty to offer. Brought couple of Bolton sets to Aleksis
building a neutral force for the game.

Tables & Miniatures

Here you have some nice tables / miniatures / 
products spotted in Salute.

Belgian revolution in progress


Classic ancient battle


Excellent day ended in a nice dinner with Jeppan and his wife (and my family too), after
that some of us continued to a pub (with too loud music :-( ), where we joined
forces with Mikko and Sami, boasting their cool new shirts!

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