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Salute 2019 Part 2. Battle of Däneholm Demo Game

Rebels and Patriots in Action

For the second consecutive year I had joined in to Dalauppror's international team to throw a visually
superb demo game (where people could actually participate) for Salute. See our exploits from 2018 here. This time it was the Napoleonic era and not surprisingly Swedish exploits in it. As I had already painted stuff for the Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809, it was an easy (if not cheap, as my whole family of five traveled along) decision to join in. 

Background continued

See also:

Stuff that I painted for the Swedes and French

New Swedish infantry by Perry Miniatures

Command group with Österbotten colors

3-2-1 skirmish game basing

Artillery crew by Eagle Miniatures

Boats for the French landing forces. mine and
borrowed from the club

Boat teams for French

The Scenario

Text by Micke (aka Dalauppror):

"This scenario that we used at salute 2019 have been written with the Rebels and Patrios rules in mind, but I don´t see any problem to use with other rules like Sharps Practice by Too Fat Lardies or Chosen Men by Osprey Games.
In the early morning hours the French force advance in several boats forward the island of Dänholm, some of them have even been able to start the landing before the Swedish sentries notice them and race the alarm and the battle can begin."

This scenario will probably be published in a wargames magazine, so I shall not share too many details here.

In the scenario the French had a clear superiority in numbers: 48 points vs. 40 points


Command 1 (Assault of the Fort) @ 18 points

Command 2 (Advance inland) @ 30 points


Command 1 (Defender of the fort) @ 14 points

Command 2 (Island picket) @ 26 points

Set up

                                        Table size 2x2m
                                       4 Objectives are places per map
§  1: Fort
§  2: Fieldwork
§  3: Crossroad
§  4: Swedish rally point


  • Game was about taking and holding the objectives, which in the beginning were mostly held by the Swedes...

The fort

Setting up the battlefield

Lot of precision and focus on detail was needed...

Beautiful details

Many of us in the team had painted miniatures and terrain for the game and the result was spectacular: loads of detail and miniatures, that played no part in the game, but were essential for visual impact and the "story"!

Pontoons and boats taking French to the beach

First Swedish prisoners

French boat teams by me

Gunboat by Micke

And then we were ready for the crowd and game!

Colin (on the left) worked as our bouncer (except, that he didn't bounce people off but in)

The man himself, Dalauppror, being advised by Andreas


During the day we ran the game two or three times. Both sides managed a victory during the day.

Swedish battle line blasting at the French Voltigeurs (skirmishers)

Lines closing up

Swedes shifting left to avoid being mauled by the joint firepower of French

Last man standing!

Time to wrap up!

The Prize!

The day was truly crowned, when the Salute organizing team delivered a nice surprise:

Our game was awarded as the Best Historical Game of Salute 2019!

You can also see the table on Wargames Illustrated 
videoreport from Salute 2019 here - jump to 25 min.

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