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ASOIAF: First 1.5.1 Tournament

New Age for Nights Watch

New players are joining our community here in Helsinki and specially at our Wargaming Club Nopat & Taktikka (Dice & Tactics). That's the welcome result of actively promotion of the game by arranging game nights with demos to new players, running a map based campaign and by monthly tournaments, always organized by the previous winners. Report of the first tournament I organized here .

Fellas; back row from left: Mika (TO) - Lannisters, Heikki - Baratheon, Esa - Boltons
Middle: Crazy dude with a sword: me - Nights Watch
Front from left: Pave - Free Folk, Jaakko - Starks - our newest player

My armies

With 1.5.1 changes I had built two new list:

1. New age of Nights Watch commanded by now pretty awesome Jeor Mormont

NCUs: Donald Noye & Craster

Combat units:
  • 2 units of Concripts (1 with Jeor)
  • Unit of Sworn Brothers with Captain
  • Veterans with Grenn
  • Builder Crossbows
I had painted a new unit of Conscripts:

My other list is callled NW Shooters with Othell Yarvick commanding 

NCUs: Othel & Craster
Combat units:
  • 2 X Builder Crossbows
  • Ranger Hunters
  • Sworn Brothers
  • Scorpion with modifications
See more pictures of my Nigthts Watch here.

First battle: Dance of Dragons vs. Pave's Free folk

Result: Victory for my NW with 3 VP

Second Battle: Feast for Crows vs. Jaakko's Starks

Result: Starks wiped my Nights Watch!!!

Third Battle: Clash of Kings vs. Heikki's Baratheons

Marginal 1 point victory for Baratheons

Pictures from other games

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