perjantai 6. helmikuuta 2015


Most interesting, yet another game for the Napoleonic era. Got this info from Northstar Figures Newsletter. It says:

Product on Northstar's website here

ANYWAY, the most interesting catch was absolutely Kasper blog about Napoleon's retreat from Russia 1812, see it here. Kasper was also most friendly to share the adapted Musket & Tomahawk rules for 1812, thank you!

I've been exited about this setting since I played White Death 1812 in Hamburger Tactica last year. I bought the minis from Perry, mut haven't really gotten around to paint them, since the game rules weren't available. WD1812 should be released sometime this spring, more about it here

So I'd expect those French stragglers and some cossacks arriving to my painting desk soon. At least we´ve made a winter wargames table and some russian / karelian buildings at Nopat-club. It's been made for our games of Finnish Winter War 1939, but will certainly serve for these games as well.

Some pics on winter table and scenery here. The buildings are my doings...

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