keskiviikko 11. helmikuuta 2015

So many games, so few arrows

Just updated the list of games... and it's still not all. Gosh. Maybe it's just too much?

But there are so many good games and beautiful minis to play them with!

One just has to take a longer perspective, this is what I will do this spring and then these are my options for fall...

Currently my plan is:


* Pirates (LOTHS) campaign just being concluded, check it out here

* Warhammer campaign with High Elves

* Finns vs. Russians Winter War 1939 (Bolt Action) - I'm playing russians!

* Saga Cross & Crescent -campaign + Deus Vult – testing

* Pasific Bolt Action minicampaign

* War of the Ring: Battle of the Five Armies

* Waterloo 200 years anniverst - Black Powder

Fall / Winter

* Great Northern War -campaign (M&T / BP)

* Hail Caesar Ancients mp based campaign (with Macedonia)

* Retreat From Moscow 1812 (M&T or the coming White Death 1812)

* Of Gods and Mortals -demo game

* Jugula--demo game

* Ronin / Zen-Saga -campaign

As a painter I now a days find my practically always painting to what else is next. That sometimes leads to lot of not quite finished, but playable minis.

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  1. HC kampanjaa on nasta päästä pelaamaan syksymmällä. Voisin pelata varmaan Persiaa, nyt kun on noita arabeja ja turkomaaneja tullut tehtyä lisää. Sopii varmaan persia -armeijaan ihan yhtä hyvin kuin persialaiset arabiarmeijaan.