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GNW: Camping out

As our Great Northern War Campaign progresses more troops and related terrain is needed. Our participants are actively painting more troops for the coming battle of Narva, so I got the inspiration to make more terrain for our scenarios. This time it's a camp for our miniature soldiers to take some rest in.

Read more to find out how this camp came to be.

Here's a step by step explanation of what I did and where are the elements from.

  1.  Planning of the camp layout; it needs to logical, not too large and be usable for miniature gaming. Smaller tents and gabions are from Renedra (plastic). Hay cart is from Ziterdes or Grendel. Barrels are mostly resin and from different sources. Set's of wares are from Ainsty castings. The walkways are something I picked up from Miniature Wunderland shop in Hamburg. The cannon is Ebor Miniatures and the large resin tent is something I found in he flea market of Hamburger Tactica.

2. Bases: I sawed, cut and sandpapered these from mdf board, typically used as the backwall on cloth cupboards etc. Cheap & sturdy material one can find in DIY stores like Bauhaus.

Getting ready to go with all the resources close by.

More stuff. Small barrels and the bucket is from a plastic artillery set by Wargames Factory. The fence is from Citadel building sets.

3. Final layout: with some of the elements already glued on. I glued stuff, that would benefit from the brownish undercoat, that I was going to spray the set with.

4. Not glued elements marked to the board ...

5. So that I wouldn't sand these areas. I also considered the option of using filler + glue + some sand combo on this, but chose to go with glue and sand option.

6. As a sidekick  I made the gun placement. The blown up gun is a separate element, so that I can use the placement for gaming and the gun as a decoration. The cannon is from the plastic artillery set by Wargames Factory.

 7. Sidekick glued in place and sanded.

8. Painting all the elements for the camp. All the stuff that wasn't glued in place were painted first, as it far easier so. Sidekick proceeding faster then the actual camp.

9. Camp base gets paint. First undercoat with redbrown spray, then a dark brown wash, followed by 3 rounds of high lighting with drybrush technique.

 10. Putting the camp together and further details

Camp follower boy sitting by the campfire.

11. Almost there: grass. The larger tent still to be painted.

 12. Completed set in daylight!

 Added Swedish troops to make the camp alive. Miniatures from Ebor, Foundry and Wargames Factory.

Sidekick completed.

Alarm! Man the defences!

Prepare to fire!

High commander King Charles XII amongst the tumult of the camp,
giving his commands.

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