tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2016

GNW: Getting ready for Narva and Poltava

Defensive Works for the Great Northern War 

(and other Black Powder -era games)

As a continuation for the already built earthwork defensive line I started modeling a redoubt and another defensive line, that will be suitable for snowy battlefield - like Narva.

Here's a step by step picture cavalcade on how they redoubt came to be.

1. Modelling the redoubt and the defensive line
2. Cutting the hardboard to shape
3. Elements (resin) glued to place and filler mixed & dyed
4. Gaps filled and sanded
5. Spray to create common base color
6. Filler paste & sand spread  and additional stuff added 
7. Grounds washed with brown for death
8. Dry brushing the ground and earthenworks
9. Rocks painted (gray bits)
10. Details get paint
11. inner woodwork painted
12. Static grass and other flora added - ready!


Had to set up a battle scene with Swedes & Finns attacking Russian defenses.

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