tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2016

Back to the Grim Future... 40K!

It's been a long time since my previous 40K game...

Heinrich was kind enough to guide me through the game (and some of the new Eldar rules). I was kind enough to give his Ultra Marines a sound trashing...

Link to my army list:


My army was based on the Windrider host.

Round 1.

Marines suffer from Eldar firepower

Get out, our rhino is burning!

Wraithknight taking aim as jetbikes grab objectives

Marine's first turn

Brave Ultra Marines realized, that they really needed to take the fight to Eldars and with thunder and lightning their drop pods descended on objectives...

Rhino popped smoke and pushed forward

Marines soon retaliated

My score after round 1.: 6 victory points, Heinrich: 3 VP

Round 2. Coping with the Marine onslaught

My Wraithknight had been targeted my lot of Marine shooting (how surprising!) . I thought to take him into safety of a close combat... BUT they took him out with overwatch snapshots!!! One melta shot (I forgot to use my invu-save) and one lucky bolter shot I couldn't save... Damn! So the Ultra Marines were still in the game...

I continued my battle plan and hammered the other rhino with melta from Fire Dragons (with help of some mystical psychic powers). Marines would have to slog it... Except for the biker marines whom retaliated in a very short notice.

And more Marines dropped behind the lines...

Round 3.

On Round 3 I finally got all my troops on to the battlefield; Warp Spiders (whom are excellent nowadays) liberated Ultra Marines from object holding duties and my air support Hemlock Wraithfighter took even few magically protected Marine bikers out.

I also continued to snatch more victory points where Heinrich instead got pretty hard strategic objective cards (like "grab all objectives on the battle field).

In the end of Round 3. the score was 13-6 for me and we decided to call it  a day, as the climb would have been too steep even for Ultra Marines (and it would have taken quite long to complete the battle)

My final score: 13 VP in 3 rounds.

Video summary:


  • Excellent game, got me started on 40K again! (Even bought the new Eldar Codex)
  • So many rules... I guess I need more games.
  • Eldar are pretty powerful nowadays (now I haven't bought any more Wraithknights)
  • I like the Formations -concept.
  • I'm not sure how excited I am on his new magic heavy gaming...

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