maanantai 23. tammikuuta 2017

UPDATED: Nopat Club's Winter War event closing in!

UPDATED: Airfield -project & loads of Japanese

Our Clubs annual gaming event is next week and I'll be running the Bolt Action tournament with another Nopat Fellow Juha. Nowadays Nopat Winter War is the biggest miniature wargaming event in Finland with tournaments also for 9th Age, 40K, Flames, Warmachine & Hordes and Infinity.

I've been building & painting stuff for a spesific BA Scenario "Air field raid", that I've designed and play tested (3 times now). Read more about the scenario, test games and see WIP pics on stuff I'm working on.

Bamboo spear militia!
They proved to be excellent...

The big gun and some more SNLF-troops!

35 Japanese infantry were painted for the tournament


Heavy gear painted included: anti-air gun, kurogane scout car, a general purpose truck,
2 zero fighter planes, Japanese Howitzer and a anti-air light -set.

You can view the Airfield Raid scenario (in Finnish) here

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