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Bolt Action: Testing the Scenario for Ropecon 2017

Battle of Kuuterselkä - Report is ready

On June 13th 1944 , the Soviet 21st Army's offensive reached the partially completed VT-line.[9] The defensive position was breached at Kuuterselkä already on June 15. Though the line was breached the Finnish resistance managed to delay further Soviet advances. - WIkipedia

More info in Finnish here.

We ran a play test game with Kalle and Juha for the scenario planned for Ropecon. Pictures are now online, text will follow.

I had been away on holiday trip with family to Estonia, so was in a dire need for some gaming! Luckily Kalle and Juha were up to the challenge! We had also booked tickets to go and see the Dunkirk -movie after the game.

The Finnish forces were:

* 2 officers with aides
* 3+1 Jäger units (1 arrived later from reserve)
* 3+1 Sturms (1 arrived later from reserve)
* Sniper, MMG, and 2 light mortars

Russian forces were:

* 3+2 infantry units with rifles and LMG's
* 2 officers
* 4 T34 tanks
* 1 Klimi heavy tank

In addition Finns had a preliminary bombardment, which mainly caused pinmarkers on Russians.


Aim was to conquer and keep the Kuuterselkä-village, held by Soviets in the start. Game duration 6 rounds.

Start of the Battle

After the bombardment Finns of the strikeforce Puroma moved in.

Russian positions during round 1.

First wave of Finns deployed. Russian infantry in the village suppressed.
Strong support from Lagus' Sturms: first Soviet T34 destroyed!

Russian perspective

Fann out! After moving in, my Finns spread out a bit, to avoid potential bombardment from Soviet armour.

Soviet infantry defending the village perimeter was bombarded with grenades and small arms fire and were soon very depleted and the Finns were closing in!

End of round 2. Broad Finnish advance...

...but not without losses 

Mid-game: making contact with the enemy

My unit on the extreme left spotted fresh enemy troops and engaged them in a firefight

While my spearhead unit destroyed the village defenders in close combat and then
took positions to cover the village.

Village is ours - for a moment!

My spearhead unit charged the enemy commander lurking in the other house...
only to be counter charged by enemy and destroyed.

My second sturm was also incapacitated  by a point blank shot by the Soviet armour.

Fight for the Kuuterselkä village was hanging in balance...

Broader perspective

Final stages

We were running the last round of the battle...

As the last Soviet defenders in the village were once again bombarded with both my grenade launchers and by a Sturm, they were quickly decimated.

The other Soviet infantry in the outskirts was also badly depleted and 
could no more challenge the Finnish control over the village.

Soviet armor had no other choices, but to retreat from Kuuterselkä, but they'd be back...


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  1. Great looking minis and Hakkaa päälle, perkele! feeling in AAR.

    1. Thanks Mikko! See you in Ropecon? Our table there will be far better...