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The Other Way Around!

The Cowrie of Coumbra as the pursuer

As both me and Kalle liked the scenario very much on our first go, we decided to turn the tables... read on to learn how it went this time...
Check out the scenario details from the earlier report!

My plan

So I would be the chasing the Whiteman's column through the jungle this time... hmmmm.

I did some thinking and decided to boost my African Kingdoms column with a War drum - to be able to shift nasty terror markers to enemy units to hinder them as needed (movement, melee or as would suit the situation) AND a Witch doctor as many of his incantations would work very nice in this scenario indeed.

Otherwise my column was as follows:

African kingdoms 100p
The wardrum**
Total points99
Sacred Warrior2
2 X 4 Fanatical warriors44
5 married warriors22
2 X 6 Archers20
5 Askaris11

So  my plan was to to harass the enemy with drums, magic and some shooting and then finish the stressed enemy groups with my excellent (Combat D10) melee groups. Totally solid! 

New Terrain

I had also speed painted three first huts we got from Monolith design:

Spray undercoats + wash

Roofs ready with several rounds of drybrushing

The Game

I got an excellent start (at least I thought so), as I revealed a token which allowed me to move all of my units for S (= 4"). In this way I got all my units into the board, before Bwana Kalle could get any of his. This would certainly improve my chances to block their escape route!

As a down side this of course meant that Kalle was able to shoot my troops seveeral times before I could retaliate in any way...

First round on it's way: all AK-groups on board. One WMC-unit has dashed forward to the first token. Several WMC units still to make their entre...
Damn! My Drummer had a really bad luck: he was sniped out by 
the enemy soldiers. Very drastic considering my strategy!

 Second round

 I chose to activate the token and it gave me the gorilla. This was a significant psychological asset, as a gorilla had really ran amok trough my WMC in our first go. Bwana Kalle then rushed to loot the same token and activated ANOTHER gorilla! This looked promising indeed!

As the group with my Witch doctor was heavily fired at I felt the urge to unleash some wild jungle magic! I managed to take out the enemy banner bearer, hurrah! This would make my terror tactics easier... The time for this was indeed right, because the unit of young warriors soon retaliated their fallen standard bearer (chick lying on the ground)! Damn! My second tactical asset down!

Middle game

 As the game reached it middle things were getting exciting and tight and the night was also falling...

  • One of Bwana Kalle's groups was closing to the river on the left and had also picked several trophies on the way - my gorillas couldn't stop them
  • My forces were rapidly moving in from the left
  • BK's  treasure carrying group had only entered the board!
  • But he had quite well capitalized on his breakthrough on the right

My fanatic warriors charged enemy soldiers, but 
were easily beaten back!

 Strong WMC presence on the right flank

Will I win through terror?

Finally my terror tactics started to pay off: two off BK's units had their full quota (4) of terror markers and first had to retreat and then start removing models as runaway casualties. Young warriors with their low courage (D6) was first to bi eliminated. Unfortunately the soldiers group with the treasure seemed unstoppable...

In the end game BK's last two units successfully avoided my furious warriors and hence refused to die!


  • I only managed to take out one unit in full and two remained on the field - barely alive - that 5 points for me. Bwana Kalle had escaped with the treasure, 3 units and several loot tokens: 18 points and a WHOOPING VICTORY for the Whitman's column.
WHY did this happen?
  • I should have left some of my groups in reserve - now Kalle got to play a refused flank
  • He had a both good luck (my drummer) and good fire discipline (my Witch doctor) and soon I found my self without these key assets
  • My dice didn't help either: my fanatical warriors (2 units) didn't even make a dent on the enemy!
  • I was so excited about the game I forgot to activate the tokens for several rounds

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  1. Good game... happy you like the game... Fred from studio tomahawk 😉

    1. We really do! Thanks for the great game Fred & Co. Big fan of Saga as well, as you can see from my blog.

  2. Really good scenario, too bad the nasty african heroes died beforw showing their tricks - not ��. The remaining war chief with his henchmen was trouble enough. Great game !

    1. My African Kingdom Warriors and their mad Witch Doctor shall return with a VENGEANCE!