lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2018

Pagan Rus / Eastern Princes for Saga Age of the Wold Campaign

From the Frozen Steppes they come

As another Saga campaign started I finally got around to paint more Rus / Medieval Russian minis I had acquired through the last five years from Grippingbeast, FireForge, Old Glory and Magister Militarium, to name a few sources ;-)

First in line were elite infantry from FF's plastic set

 Then, as I got my hands on the new Saga supplement "Age of Crusades" I realised I rapidly need levies with crossbows and kitbashed them Bodies are mostly FireForge’s Medieval Russian Militia and also Frostgrave plastic warriors, arms with xbows are mostly Frostgrave too, some are from my bitsbox.

My most recents additions are 12 bow armed levies, as the campaign system is generating more levies to my warband

As my druzhina cavalry is still in the pipeline, I've been using my classic old Citadel Kislevites
as cavalry

And finally here's the Warlord Vladimir Nurja, Son of Odin and a hard ruler!

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