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Salute 2018

My first time

I've been to Hamburger Tactica three times (it's a great show) and ones to Warfare, but 
so far had dodged visiting Salute, possibly because the image I had in mind about it: rushed and crowded shopping event, where one can't join in on games (something I've really enjoyed in Tactica). Now I was part of  Dalauppror's international team making a display game of a Great Northern War: Battle of Stäket 1719 (there will be a separate blog post on this project). This motivated me to go and simultaneously my wife and one of my three daughters came to see the marvels of London. 
How convenient!

Authentic WW1 gear on display

I was part of  Dalauppror's international team making a display game of a Great Northern War: Battle of Stäket 1719. There will be a separate blog post on this project.

Our team was there already after 07:00 and at 10:00 doors opened for the crowd.

Mark 4 British Tank was on display to enhance the theme.

Russians I had painted earlier and for this project taking cannon fire.

"World War Z"

Star Wars Legion - so cool

4Ground's display table - Fabled Realms theme

Massive ACW display battle

Massive ACW display battle

Massive AWI (or rebellions the Brits call it) display battle

Napoleonic battle with hexagons!

One of the coolest thing in visiting Salute was the fact, that almost everybody was there. I had the chance to meet f2f many people I've been collaborating and emailing with. Here I'm saying hello to Francesco from FireForge Games, besides buying and painting their great miniatures, I also organised some play testing for Burn & Loot at the Nopat & Taktiikka Club

Dark Lands Demo

Meeting with Paul from Warbanner and Gangs of Rome demo game

In the above picture Paul from is running a demo game. I also had a long chat with him about contributing as a blogwriter to that site... stay tuned folks!

My small gang of three in action!
See some live footage at 42:32 of this video:

Magnificent approach to Blood Red Skies. At our club we had ordered the pre-order bundle within group of plyers - Zeros are now in my painting pipeline. Fighting a battle like this would be very cool!

Other cool stuff

I was planning to buy this kind of playing mat for our club (Blood Red Skies), but as I finally got around to do it - they were sold out!

At five o'clock the event closed after 7 hours of frantic shopping and gaming, it was time to pack it up. Surprisingly fast the huge area was packed up and it was time to head back to the hotel.
What a great day!

Here’s a link to the a video of Salute by Wargames Illustrated.

Our demo game “Bakkenstäket 1719” is presented from 5:40 (plenty of minis and terrain pieces brought by me shown)

Back at the hotel it was time to relax with a brew, bath and the brand new Saga universe:
Age of Crusades

Some other cool and related stuff spotted in London

Legos from the coming Star Wars movie were already on sale

Samurai-Star Wars mash in the Forbidden Planet


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