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Samurai Games Day 2.: Test of Honor

 Three Player Drama

Three promising Samurai (/ Sohei / Shinobi) novices gathered to our club to hear from their sensei (me) about the true Test of Honor! We played a three player scenario, invented by me.

Read on to learn how it all went down!


As I had several new players coming I decided to run a three player game (and have two player teams if necessary).  I was in the role of an umpire with couple of surprise NPCs hidden in the gaming table.
We had three factions joining in the fight: Soheis (Warrior Monks) defending the small town and it's people, Samurais (& Ashigarus) attacking to punish the town and it's people due to unpaid taxes and finally Ninjas, whom had several secret assignments.
Each faction had objectives on it's own and also against both of them other factions. I won't reveal them here, but you can ask them from me by commenting this blog post or by emailing me.

Samurai Lord Zuha reviewing his forces

Sohei Warband protecting the village

Ninja Warband... up to no good!

Samurai and his retinue on their way to
punish the rebellious villagers and Sohei

Village layout


Sohei first deployed anywhere in the village.

Samurai & retinue approaching via the Sanmon Gate

Alarm is sounded!

Villagers trying to find shelter

Battle begins

Ninjas enter the village from any direction different than the Samurai retinue

Samurai lord dashed into the dojo and finds 
The Swordmaster NPC there! Duel begins!

After sorting out the Swordmaster AND finding his heirloom, 
Samurai Lord proceeds to challenge the Sohei guarding the small shrine

Sohei archers join in to support their brethren 

Petteri, our Shinobi master enters the small

And finds an angry lone Samurai there!

Ninja soon leaves the building

Sohei hero challenges a band of ninjas

Ninja master starts a comical duel with a Sohei hero (neither manages to deliver any telling blows)

Sohei Master takes some ninja heads!

While the Samurai Lord continues his rampage, even though
he is now lightly wounded.

Mid game overview 

Sohei struggle to try and protect their monastery as enemies
attack from all directions

One ninja harasses villagers

And soon the monastery is robbed and burning!

NPC Samurai charges out to help the Sohei 

But it's too little and too late... village is burning and most of the Sohei are lying dead!

Game conclusion

So how did the factions reached their targets?

  • Sohei put up a stout defense, but eventually were overwhelmed 
  • Ninjas managed to reach one of their main objectives (stealing an item)
  • Samurai managed both their main objectives
Victory for Samurai Lord Juha and his loyal retinue

New Minis and Terrain I made for the day

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