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Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game: Treasures of Enedwaith Campaign

Battle Companies in Action

Heavy campaigning continues at the Nopat & Taktiikka club (check the new website!) with a Battle Companies based campaign located near Enedwaith (SouthWest Middel Earth). Campaign is organized by Jaakko S. and he has added a nice campaign mode to Battle companies. Ruleset in Finnish here.

I'm playing with a Fiefdoms warband. Read further to learn how my warband has done so far...

My Fiefdoms Warband

We agreed to build 50 points warbands, my starter posse was

Knight of Dol Amroth (commander)
Clansman of Lamedon (sergeant)
Blackroot Vale Archer (sergeant)
Blackroot Vale Archer
2 x Man at Arms of Dol Amroth 

Knight & Men Ar Arms painted recently

Round 1. - Games 1 & 2
vs. Janne's Orcs

Initial assault, supported by accurate shooting

Luring the orcs away from the objective area (ruined temple)

Only one orcs stands fast as their breaking point is reached

Round 1. Results:
Game 1. Victory
Game 2. Defeat

Round 2. vs. Marko's Arnor Warband

Game 1. Breakthrough
Game 2. Show of Strenght

*** Report will follow ***

We played this game at my house. Those silly Arnor men and their hobbit friends with bows
thought they were setting an ambush for some filthy orcs, but in the darkness (?) they accidentally (?) opened 
fire on my warband! Great allies indeed! Mordor will certainly win, if the Kingdoms of men keep fighting 
amongst themselves!

Marko’s Warband

Game 1. Breakthrough

Most of my men started pushing forward via the right flank...

while my commander with his recently acquired mount galloped forward 
In the left.

My plan was to use his cavalry charge and two fate points to take the 
enemy and hopefully take out soft halfling archers...

But lady fortuna was not with my hero as Mr. Murhinen, an infamous hobbit archer let loose; his arrow found 
it’s mark and even those two fate points failed! My hero fell badly wounded (he got “old battle wound’) beside his fallen horse.

My men advanced cautiously using the ruins as cover, while
my Lone Ranger was giving some fire support (unfortunately to very little effect).

Marko is a very seasoned LOTR -player and kept my few
men under a continuous hail of arrows. Even if they were shouting “Don’t shoot, were friends!”

By now I had lost my ranger and just had to push forward and hope that 
My armour and any cover would keep at least two of my men alive and able to exit the
battlefield, that would be enough for victory...

Hobbit welcoming committee 

One fool of an Arnor warrior decided to stand against my met at arms...
He was quickly skewered!

All but three of my men had fallen now and the hail of arrows continued...
but stalwartly two of them pushed through this storm and secured a victory for Fiefdoms - huzzah!

Game 2. Show of Strenght

After a few days rest my men returned to avenge their fallen on the 
damn hobbitzes! My commander and most of the rest had covered well 
from their wounds. My commander now suffered from an old battle wound but managed not to roll 1. 
He had also gained another wound and was very well equipped to lead his men to battle.

Marko’s forces lurking in the cover, clearly ashamed of 
their foolish & treasonous act!

Once again my troops moved forward using what ever cover 
was available...

My Clnsman McBeth had bought himself a bow
and was now giving fire support with Tirion, the archery sergeant,
whom had now recovers from his wounds.

Soon my knight reached the ruins of 
the old temple with his men following suit.
Arnor warband retreated further back...

Forward men of Fiefdoms!

Cheered My knight and things were looking good, as now
the ruined walls protected me too!

They are coming!

But then the dice gods favoured Marko and two of my men
fell almost simultaneously to well shot arrows!
I was yet to harm a single enemy!

But there was no retreat for us (there certainly was for the enemy)!

My knight and men charged in and quickly took out 
couple of them annoying hobbitzes! Ahh, the sweet taste of revenge!
Men of Arnor then made a counter charge...

My knight fought ever so valiantly, but unfortunately
lost his horse again and did NOT land on his feet!

Flat on his back and surrounded by enemies, he could only 
shield against them... and he managed not only to survive, but to rise
back to his feet!
Then the war cry of Lamedon was heard as McBeth charged in 
brandishing his mighty sword (he now had 2 attacks when charging)...

And oh boy he was unstoppable! Hewing heads and limbs he stormed 
through the enemies and saved his commander (naturally supported by the men at arms)

Another victory for Fiefdoms!

I have now won 3/4 of my games and I’m
second in hour campaign.

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