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Warhammer 40K: Map based Campaign started!

Prima Artania!

Last 10 or so years I have not played 40k very actively. Editions have come and gone and I stopped wasting money on Codexes.
For the 8th edition I bought couple of Index books and eventually also the Harlequins Codex as I really wanted to deep dive into them.
So far I had  played a few games (first one took like 3 hours for completing 1 or two rounds), so I needed to get more games to get the game flowing and hence get a good experience. So when my long time gaming friend Jussi suggested, that we could organise a fluffy (not HC competitive min max), map based campaign, I was all in and helped him to draft the Campaign doc. Then it took some promotion to get enough players to join in, but eventually we had 8 players, including my oldest wargaming buddy Pave, joining, whom all seem to have same expectation more or less: narrative, fluffy armies and relaxed gaming! And now there is only war!

We gathered to our club to discuss the campaign setting...

And then it was time for the first battles!

My ally in our Eldar Alliance is Lasse, whom plays Deldar.
For the first round we got the Imperial Guard alliance as opponents, while Lasse launched
a lighting raid deep into the enemy territory

My first battle

In my first battle I faced Oskari's Armoured Column. Scenario was about holding objectives in the end of the game. 3 objectives were worth 2 VP, 1 only 1 VP and one 4 VP. I managed to take most of the objectives and scored first blood and line breaker secondary objectives. Oskari killed my Warlord.
As we did not complete all rounds, we agreed to share campaign points 2-1 for me (normally victory would be 3 points.)

My Warlord, Troupe Master, finishes off a Leman Russ

Harlequin troupe that had jumped of the Star Weaver and
charged the enemy psyker, easily finishing him off.

Star weaver spitting fire!
It took first blood on the first round blasting ratling snipers, 
whom died and panicked. 

IG Storm Troopers dropped to my rear and blasted
at my Death Jester, whom just laughed at them!

And called in Warp Spiders, whom wiped Storm Troopers
off the board with their salvo!

Ranger appeared in these woods securing an objective

IG stayed quite static in the battle... this Chimera
with IG Command and infantry at least pushed forward and 
contested this objective.

This Troupe had entered from the Web way (Strategem), took out an IG unit
and then moved to secure the most valuable objective. 

Harlequin victory!

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  1. LOVE the old Harlequins! Looks like a fun game and hopefully a great kickoff for your campaign! I look forward to seeing how this progresses!