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Latest paint jobs

So what have I've completed since Summer?

Years drawing to it's end. Traditionally I always have a final rush of completing miniatures in December, so soon it's time stop starting new projects! Previous account here

When writing this blogpost my paint count is as follows: 

So in total running at 405. What I've painted strongly corresponds to what I've played, as always.

Song of Ice and Fire continues to burn hot


Tully Sworn Shields

Long waited Tully cavaliers

Nights watch

Heroes for NW (and Peeter Bylish), some oh them still WIP

Kitbashed NW Crossbows - mainly FireForge & Frostgrave plastivs


Kitbashed stone thrower: Wiz Kids machine and Frostgrave Soldiers

Stark kids

Star Wars Legion: project Hoth

These minis are both from FAntasy Flight and from Alternative Gaming Miniatures:

40K Harlequins (some still WIP)

Joined a map based campaign with 8 players and that gave me a good reason
to continue painting my (very) old and new models for them!


Mouth of Sauron & Black Numeanors
for our Battle Companies Map Based campaign

Iron Hills Dwarves for the same campaign 

1700th Century Swedish Kingdom in 15mm

Bolt Action

More Polish

US Airborne

New army for Bolt Action

See them in action here


With the 2nd edition of Test of Honour cavalry became
feasible to play, so I finished two models started earlier

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