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Chaos and Mayhem in Warhammer!

Triumph & Treachery @ Nopat & Taktiikka

Triumph and Treachery.jpg

Warhammer has really made a come back at our Nopat & Taktiikka Club. In our Summer Cabin trip we played a 20 000p. mega battle with 8th edition and Oldhammer gaming (mainly 6th edition) has been quite active indeed... then I digged up this old tome and asked if some of the fellas would like to give this oddity a go. They wanted and since July there's been about 5 sessions and one of my mates even bought the set from eBay. In this blogpost you'll see pictures from this summers Retro-Warhammer games! 


 I played Dwarves with High and Wood Elf allies. Our alliance faced terrifying hordes of Orcs & Goblins, Chaos Warriors and Daemons.

Victory for alliance of order! 

First Triumph & Treachery Game 

(after many years)

Two dastardly Helf players joined in an alliance and while me (Dark Elves) and Jussi (playing Vampire Counts) also exchanged blows, it was no surprise, that those snobby Helves scored victory. My greatest 

disappointment was that they never stabbed each other's backs!

Triumph & Treachery: My Dark Elves vs. Heigh Elves vs. Undead vs. Dwarves

As us Elves were sorting out our internal politics, Undead horde got a good 
starting position and was able engage the Dwarven battle line right from the get go...

Dastardly #helves always seemed to go before my brave #naggaroth warriors, but eventually I was gaining the upper hand against them. My favourite moment was, when a #helf #mage was casting a #spell in close combat and a card played by me caused him to suffer a #miscast that detonated almost half of his unit to oblivion! @jusafromspace won this time, even if his army almost melted away as his #necromancer was killed! Great concept! 

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