torstai 10. syyskuuta 2020

Second map based Song of Ice and Fire Campaign started

As a continuation, with fine Tuned rules, to our spring campaign 7 veteran and 5 new players embark on a campaign to claim their right for the iron throne...

War of the Five Kings continues!

This time we have 12 players with following factions:

  1. Atte
    - Lannisters
  2. Sami - Lannisters
  3. Pasi - Lannisters
  4. Jaakko
    - Nightswatch
  5. Myself - Nightswatch
  6. Oskari
    - Nightswatch
  7. Paavo
    - Starks
  8. Toni
    - Starks
  9. Toni
    Å. - Free Folk
  10. Johannes
    - Free Folk
  11. Martin
    - Neutrals (Boltons)
  12. Mikko
    - Baratheon / Stannis
Each player has now chosen two starting locations, first challenges have been stated and first battles are being fought...

Stay tuned for more! (and see the spring campaign page for more info on the concept)

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