maanantai 4. toukokuuta 2015

Something else for a change - Sengogu period japanese peasants

My rather large Sengogu period japanese army (for Hail Caesar / Pike & Shotte / Ronin) has been on waiting mode for a while, but a Bolt Action -game (played yesterday) got me painting these peasants. In the game I had two units of 10 sharpened bamboo spear armed green troops. All of them duly died in the game, but both made it to melee and this unit in the pic even held an objective for moment - before being shot to pieces by concentrated fire from Mikko's Chindits.

Even if these minis were rather quickly painted, I think they came out quite ok. I'm specially pleased with the fresh cut bamboo spears, made from plastic pikes. Inspiration was found here.

Miniatures are from Perry and Museum Miniatures.

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