torstai 24. syyskuuta 2015

KITBASH! Building Thorakitai for Successors

Thorakitai shall rule the battlefields of Mare Nostrum!

I wanted to build some more Thorakitai for my Alexander's Successors army for our Mare Nostrum Hail Caesar Campaign. I would have build them from Victrix very nice Carthagenians, but they weren't available in our local games store :-(, hence I bought a package WLG's Caesar's Legions and started kitbashin' them with bits from different hellenistic sets. Read on!

First of course, the unboxing pictures:

WLG's Caesar's Legions is a nice box of, good quality hard plastic troops with a separate sprue for the command figures. I like WLG-sets because the models are NOT made of too many parts (like Wargames Factory figures) but still offer enough variation and opportunities for conversions and kitbashing.

So, I would need new heads, spears / javelins and different shields to convert these Romans into Hellenistic Thorakitai, so into my Macedonian, Hoplite and Greek Skirmisher sources I digged in...

 Macedonians donated Successor style heads and hoplites their spears (all from WLG).

Also shields should be slightly smaller and not so curves as the Roman scutums. Luckily I had metal shields that suited the job:

First miniature came out nice and encouraged me to proceed.

 And in no time 4 warriors were taking their fighting stances

And then the whole unit:

Here's a picture of Thureaporoi (no chain mail) I built maybe a year a go using hoplite bodies and Successor heads. Soon (?) I'll be able to field 4 units of Thorakitai / Thureaporoi.

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  1. Nice! And it seems, tjat we both still use the same brilliant basing spray paint. 😊

    1. Thanks Marko. Yes we do, even if I'm currently out of it!