maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2015

Something for the barbarians to fight for (or over)

A Holy Place?

Of course I had to make a shrine for the barbarians as well, since the scenario of the  second round of our Mare Nostrum Campaign  is about protecting / capturing holy places. 
See more "production" pictures in this blogpost.

Resources were: resin celtic pillars from Scotia Grendel and Citadel's fantasy temple (hence the skull). Sprayed the bits with Wolf grey spray from Army painter, then I washed it (with an airbrush) with a mix of blue and black ink.
Painting then proceeded with drybrushing of lighter shades of grey (not fifty, just three or so). When I was happy with the overall grey I took Citadels' bone color (Ushabti?) and grey and painted the images, washed them with Arthrax earthshade and then highlighted. 

Shrine is assembled and sand is washed dark brown and then drybrushed.

Finalized the temple by painting the grass elements green and adding lichen and static grass.
Happy barbarians having a ball!

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