maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2015

Mare Nostrum battle report: Macedonian Successors vs. Carthago (Hail Caesar)

Former allies turned against each other!

Political life in ancient Mediterranean can be treacherous! Once all other challenges for our Mare Nostrum Campaign were done, I was left only one option: to challenge my former ally Carthago!
(The word on the street was saying, that maybe Ptolemy wasn't happy with the performance of this ally, or even, that being allied had only been a smoke screen..., who knows?)

 The game we played was a cityfight. Read more to find out how it went? (WIP)

My army

We had agreed to play with 500 points (former games were 400p.) and I got 20 points extra from my gold mine & other resources. I chose to try out the generic Alexander's Successors army list for this game.


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