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New Premises for our Gaming Club - Nopat & Taktiikka

Today we moved!

Our Helsinki based gaming club "Nopat & Taktiikka" (= Dice & tactics) moved to new premises in to a suburb (Malminkartano) in northern Helsinki.

Key benefits of the new premises are:
  • Our own entrance - no running up & down to let people in
  • One open space
  • Working air conditioning and window, that can be opened
  • Full 4G coverage in the area
  • Very near to a local train stop - some 15 min. from down town Helsinki
See more pictures from below

Tuomas, Tommi and Jaakko setting stuff up in the new premises

Not much was left in the former premises

View from the front door - easy to set 5 gaming tables, more when needed.

Our club has several armies for players to use 

Ancient armies in 15mm: Republican Rome, Celts, Macedonian & Successors

28mm Early Imperial Rome, Celts, Vikings, Modern 

Kitchen facilities: fridge, microwave, etc.

Painting / modelling station. My colleagues decided to cover the window
with black cloth... are we this shy?

Rules, war history books, comics and board games

View from the back door

The only negative...? We have to clean and maintain these facilities our selves ;-)

What mysteries lies behind this covered window?

Mysteries INDEED!!!

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