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My Medieval 2015

Time to wrap up 2015

What a great year now behind us! I was fortunate enough to visit several Medieval related places and events during 2015 with family and friends. Here are few highlights...

My medieval 2015 kicked off with Hamburger Tactica in late February (we'll be going this year as well).

Hamburger Rathaus

Beautiful Middle Eastern tabletop for a Saga -game

 William's great Japanese village for a game of Ronin

Medieval Kaarina - Rautaportti

Sometime during the early spring I found a cool shop from Kaarina - Rautaportti

They sell all kinds of historical clothing, armour and weapons. I ended up buying a viking tunika and some plastic helmets and a sword.

In May there was the largest roleplaying, cosplaying, etc. playing event in Finland: Ropecon

 There I had to face the Medieval Nazguls. Our club ran also several demos for Bolt Action, Napoleonics and Saga

Medieval Turku

In the late June I headed off to Turku with couple of friends, while my family was having a somewhat medieval time in a scout camp. I decided to celebrate my birthday visiting Turku Medieval event instead.

 My Viking tunika. I didn't boy this axe, but a nomad bow, quiver and arrows instead.

Actors made the event very lively

Tournament show By Rohan Finland

New bow was made to good use with my daugher

Raiding Scandinavia and Germany!

As vikings used to do, we also set off raiding as the summer (fighting season) came. We traveled through Sweden and Danmark and visited Germany briefly as well.

Astrid Lindgren -world in Vimmerby, Sweden

Castle from the "Ronja, robbers daugher"

Parts of the story were played in different settings of this excellent theme park

Scene from "the Brother Lionheart"

Ribe Viking center and the historical town of Ribe

Several "try it yourself" -activities make the viking centre excellent for kids too. As you can see, the summer wasn't too hot in Denmark either.

Glass bead making

Hawk from a hunting show

Jarl Aada

I should have been borrn 1200 years a go!

Strong beers from local breweries. "Herja" means insult in Finnish, I had to buy one!

Ribe town, founded in 700 something.

Site of the Viking Stronghold in Ribe


One quite medieval house was found from Flensburg

Kalmar (Sweden)

Sweden is great, because it's full of cool castles. Also in Kalmar, where we spent out last night during this raid.

Medieval Hämeenlinna

Also in Hämeenlinna (100km from Helsinki) there's an annual medieval event.

This time we went with the whole family. Weather was hot and we had a great day. This huge (on Finnish standards) event included re-enactment, tournament show, visiting the Hameenlinna castle and dozens of traders and other activities. Pretty damn nice! 

Pukkisaari iron age

This is another tradition of ours. We've been there on several years already. It's organized by Sommelo ry.

Their program includes fighting shows, clothing presentation, music, warrior contests, etc. This year they also had a viking ship.



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