sunnuntai 24. tammikuuta 2016

Saga Campaign aka adventures of Eirik Bloodaxe.

Saga campaign

We started a long waited Britannia Campaign in November. This was the succession for the Crusades Campaign played last spring.

Our Campaign has four rounds:

1. Raids, scenarios: "Slaves!" & "Loot the booty"
2. Invasion! scenario: modified Sacred Ground
3. Stamford Bridge. Scenario: Battle at the Fjord
4. Clontarf - decisive battle - something bigger...

We had more than 10 people interested in the Campaign, so with my wingman Aleksis we distributed the players to three factions:

Raiders – warbands: Vikings / Joms-Vikings

Invaders / settlers – warbands: Vikings / Joms-Vikings and Norse-Gaels

Natives – warbands: Anglo-Danes, Anglo-Saxons, Welsh, Irish, Scots and Strathclyde
Campaign dynamics is planned so, that a player can play as many games as they like per round - or non at all. Each round is won by the faction, that has won most games. Each individual warlord aims to build his glory during the campaign. Glory is awarded as follows:

Winning a game +2
Defeat / draw 0
Player's warlord slays the enemy WL +1
Players WL dies -1

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