maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Finnish war 1808-09 -project REBOOTED!

Visiting Little Wars in Stockholm this weekend really got me and my friends fired up on both playing the excellent Pikemans Lament (or Eagle Rampant, see Wargames Illustrated April 2016 issue) AND on getting the armies for it, that is Russians and Fins & Swedes.

I had had a slowly growing Russian army for the Napoleonic  era in my cupboard for a few years and had so far painted only few of them for Retreat from Moscow 1812 games. So off I went to rummage my dash and the pile of lead and plastic came up quite impressive...

Tonite I then went on to kitbash different Napoleonic miniatures to create plastic troopers for 1808 Finns... see the pics on how it turned out!

The bits are mainly from Perry MIniatures' Austrian Napoleonic Infantry, the officer on horseback and the white plastic arms are from Victrix's Austrian Landwehr box and the plumes are from different French cavalry heads. 

First set of Finns ready - front

And from behind. I still need to either paint or model (liquid green stuff maybe...) the white bands that cross the back and hold cartridge box and the cutlass sword,

As a comparison, here's a link to how Dalauppror did it.

I'll be painting these pretty soon me thinks!

6 kommenttia:

  1. Good luck with the project my friend

  2. Thanks Kaspar! I got some excellent feedback from Dalauppror and realized I need to do some more work on the hats...

  3. Micke, no worries. It's a joyfull project. I'm also considering the earlier Danes from Perry...

  4. Good job! Austrians work fine as a starting point for Swedes/Finns. Looking forward to see more. /Mattias

  5. Thanks Mattias. Now some pictures on painted minis posted