tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2016

Bolt Action Tournament

The Final Campaign of Bolt Action 1.0

A detachment of heroes from Nopat Club took on to a Bolt Action Crusade and headed to far away place called Lahti on an September Sunday. The day would not be peaceful...

I decided to join the tournament as I wanted to get my Continuation War Finns painted and this was an excellent dead line for it. And of course a good competitive gaming is  something I like once and a while.
I played three games during the day, read on tho find out how they went down!

My army was almost as follows (I had dropped the Panzerschreck and added some more men into my infantry units)

Game 1. vs. US Army

My first game was against a local player with US Army force. I deployed most of my infantry in the left flanks, behind the impassable buildings. On the right I had my firebase of Sturmi and the howitzer, supported by the small infantry unit with a panzerfaust. This lured my opponent to deploy his heavies against my Sturmi, which kept them away from my infantry.

I started aggressively in the left flank; my troops took good positions around the buildings and opened up on the US infantry. Unfortunately my good hitting was put down by these abysmal wounding rolls!

US troops opposed to my infantry
Left flank

A tank duel erupted in my right flank. Americans won this duel quite soon, but kept on pounding my Sturmi, even if it was already immobilized and quite pinned, I didn't mind their target practise sessions - the real battle was fought elsewhere!
My Howitzer was chosen as the target for US air support.

Fins blazing away at the Americanos, bad dice rolls, part 2.

US positions after the first rounds, not much progress.

Should we stay or should we go?

American sniper taking aim

Decisive moves

For the first rounds game has stood in a status quo on both flanks. I had had better impact on US infantry with my infantry, sniper, howitzer and mortar, so I guess they decided to go for the broke!

On the American left flank the vehicles kept pounding my Sturmi and couple of teams were actually quite idle...

But their lullabies soon came to a drastic end as my reconnaissance squad entered from the outflank and took out the US officer team immediately and then the machine gun team.

The armored car came chasing my heroes, but they had already done their mishap - a decisive move!

In my left flank the americans have been shot to pieces...

In my right flank Sturmi finally bought it, but my howitzer survived the air raid!

Conclusion: victory for my brave Finns

Game 2. Finland vs. Imperial Japan

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  1. Hi Teemu,

    saw your comment on my blog regarding the Indian Mutiny - thanks. I am having problems writing to your email, so therefore this comment.

    you're right I create projects try them out, and if I don't like how the game goes, I will sell.

    If you're interested let me, I will give you a further discount.