sunnuntai 13. elokuuta 2017

Bolt Action: Demo game for a New Player

Japanese tide in Singapore

Henri called out for a demo game in our BA FB group and I was certainly up to it. It gave me a good reason to rapid paint some more miniatures for my British / Commonwealth force, as I needed to bring two forces to the table.

New troops in production:

Scenario: Japanese need to reach and take control
of the defender's HQ before game end

Game duration: 6 rounds

Round 1. Japanese outflank

Elite Chindits and Gurkhas move to engage

Round 2: First reserves

Artillery misses!

Japanese armor rolls in

To be countered by the British Sherman

Round 3. They're coming!

Round 4. Gurkha's demise

Jap grenadiers charged my Gurkhas, my closing fire only 
dropped one attacker. Then them Japs only managed
to take one tough Gurkha down with their attacks!
I was feeling encouraged - I was ready to take many Japs 
to afterlife, even if that would cost me my Gurkhas.

But it was not to be! They must have brought
their wooden practice gurkha-knives: 7 dice, not a single casualty!

Round 5. Overrun

Suddenly my commander found himself with out any troops!
Those damn Sikh recruits had stubbornly failed to enter the battle field and
all inf units were KIA!

Adding insult to injury: Jap Chi-ha 97 takes out my Sherman with a flank shot - 6 was needed...

Round 6. Last stand at the HQ

My Commander retreated into the HQ building and hosed
several Japs down. But too much is too much...

Sikh unit (inexperienced) entered the table finally in the end of the game

Clear victory to the mighty 


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