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First Game of 40K 8th edition.

CSM v. Necrons
1500 points

Read on to learn how it went...
So new and quite revised edition had arrived during the early summer(?) I  had taken the new Deathguard miniatures from the Dark Imperium starter set and yet had my chosens and lot of cultists to finalize from the Dark Vengeance set. So I chose to get started into this editipn with my CSM army - The Brass Warriors (play as Iron Warriors). To find some synergy I chose also to build my kill team for our club's Armageddon Shadow war -campaign. First game of that reported (WIP) here. It was only the second game of 40K this year, but I think I will pick up the pace now...

As the game was scheduled with my friend Marko some time ago, I had the chance to paint up and work further on some of my new toys. Here are some WIP pictures:

Helldrake - finally getting some paint

Possessed were my favorites from the prev. edition.
Here are some older metal ones as well as the newer plastics

The lot

Chosen from Dark Vengenance

My Army

As Army Builder don't yet have the new armies in it for 40K, I used Battle Scribe app to build my army:

++ Battalion (CP +3) (Chaos_Unified) [1501 Pts] ++

+ Troops [365 Pts] +

Chaos Cultists [113 Pts]: 20x Cultist [100 Pts], Flamer [9 Pts], Heavy Stubber [4 Pts]

Chaos Cultists [74 Pts]: 13x Cultist [65 Pts], Flamer [9 Pts]

Chaos Space Marines [178 Pts]: Autocannon [20 Pts], 10x Chaos Space Marine [130 Pts], Combi-Plasma [15 Pts], Plasmagun [13 Pts]

+ Elites [547 Pts] +

Chosen [146 Pts]: 5x Chosen [80 Pts], Heavy Bolter [10 Pts], Lightning Claw (Pair) [13 Pts], Meltagun [17 Pts], 2x Plasmagun [26 Pts]

Helbrute [139 Pts]: Helbrute Fist [40 Pts], Multi-Melta [27 Pts]

Plague Marines [152 Pts]: 6x Plague Marine [126 Pts], 2x Plasmagun [26 Pts]

Possessed [110 Pts]: 5x Possessed [110 Pts]

+ HQ [329 Pts] +

Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor [141 Pts]: Combi-Plasma [15 Pts], Power Sword [4 Pts]

Daemon Prince of Chaos [188 Pts]: Hellforged Sword [42 Pts]

+ Flyer [188 Pts] +

Heldrake [188 Pts]: Hades Autocannon [33 Pts], Heldrake Claws [17 Pts]

+ Dedicated Transport [72 Pts] +

Chaos Rhino [72 Pts]: Combi-Bolter [2 Pts]

Marko had large units of Necron warriors, 2 units of 10 immortals (nasty guns they have!) 2 destroyer platforms and "heroes", worst of the being the god-dude...

Game on! 

We played the game using the Open War - cards...

This was the card setup:

So starting close to the enemy, no morale tests and looting and pillaging - sounds like the right job for Chaos Space Marines of the Brass Warriors Legion!


We set up the objectives: Marko set up them more or less in a line at the back of his deployment zone, where he also placed all of his forces, standing in a neat line, here is his left flank:

My objective locations formed a L-shape: the furthest one from the enemy was hidden in a small ruin with the Plague Marines guarding it. The rest were in a line from the colorful (chaos influence) central hill guarded by my 20 and 13 cultist units. Crazed cultist naturally left one of the objectives with their first move!

First round

Most of my army headed around the central hill towards Necron left flank. My plan was to overwhelm my enemies on that flank...

Only my dreaddie was left on the other flank - he was sacrificed to keep that half of Necrons in their position - to facilitate the overwhelming odd on the other flank.

Necrons merely shuffled their feets EXCEPT for the Ruse card effect:

And huge unit of Necron warriors materialized in my rear!
Evil Necron tricks I say!

CSM positions after round 1.

And the Necron firing line...

Worrying situation in my rear - my Daemon Prince has rushed back to the rear

Round 2. Volley fire!

Necrons started blasting away: first my 13 cultists 
were decimated by 40 shots - ouch!

And then my dreaddie, well he was a distraction anyway. 

After this devastating shooting it was clear, that I had to engage 
the enemy in melee. So my Helldrake charged forward through the storm of bullets... 
hoping to pin the enemy long enough to give my melee specialist to reach the enemy lines.

My Daemon Prince charged the flayed ones in my rear

And "killed" 5/5 attacks!

My main force closing in after two rounds

Rounds 3-4 melee!

Necrons were advancing towards my two unguarded objectives! I had to stop them! As my shooting from Plague Marines only dropped few of them...

They had to charge in!
Luckily the Daemon Prince would soon join in 
- he had made short work of the flayed ones

My Chosen ones had also charged in - but dramatically the possessed with their D3 S5 attacks each failed their charge roll! So unfortunately the Chosen were not enough by themselves to take out the Necron Immortals to loot the objective - together this should have worked - at least I would have gotten numerical superiority near the objective and that would have destroyed it! But it was not to be....

More Necron nastiness: Marko pulled a bit gamey trick: as his fallen Necrons reanimated, he placed them step by step closer to my objective eventually contesting and destroying it. Stupid ruling says: models MAY pile in, but they don't have to...

More Necrons charged in to my Chosen and that was just too much.

Then my Possessed were shot to bits... my sweeping attack had drastically failed!

So I needed to play a trick of my own: my stratagem allowed me to take out a unit of cultist and re-deploy it elsewhere. I would have gotten it back in full strength, but they already were... so obviously they appeared on the other flank where 2 Necron objectives were now guarded just by a one necron unit... which whittled away as my nut cases raked them with some 40 shots from their weapons - five toasters were dropped! Hurrah! I could have a chance to take two objectives on this flank!

In the meanwhile my Plague Marines and the DP slowly grinded the NW's to dust in my rear.

While my Chaos Lord was on his private rampage against the Destroyer platforms.

Round 5. - Final moves

Necrons had retaliated with a salvo taking out half of my cultist - luckily we weren't taking any morale tests in this game, so my boys were ready to dash towards the loot!

MY Lord continued his revenge... Top of the World mom!

Rear secured!

So my cultists dashed forward, supported by the fire from 
the Helldrake -they reached numerical superiority on the closest objective, but just that one.

Situation in the end of the game

Necron rear
Battle field in it's lenght

Conclusions... coming up.

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