sunnuntai 22. lokakuuta 2017

Armies on Parade: Late Romans


This warband has been in the making since last winter. I got the miniatures from Hamburger Tactica and soon after we made a joint order to Grippingbeast for Aetius & Arthurs supplement.

First go with the Warband (half painted at the time) was in April this year.

Then we started the Limes-campaign and that put the minis to the front in my painting pipeline (that has hundreds of almost finished miniatures). Now I have most of the miniatures ready and it's time to display them - Armies on Parade! The rest of them will certainly get ready as our campaign progresses... I just need to build the stables.

Feb 2017 Core forces buildt

March: early stages of the painting - fast painting

April: first games played - nothing completed

 September -Limes Campaign begins and painting restarted

More Archers Fast Painted

 My warband needed more archers, so instead of completing
started miniatures, I started more...

It only took couple of evenings to get
them to be "tabletop ready"

October: FINALLY completed miniatures!

Levies with shields (Grippingbeast metal)

Roman Command (Wargames Foundry)

Legionaires (GB Plastics)

4 kommenttia:

  1. Nice job, a warband to be proud of for sure. Like the worn tunic look, and nice base job.


  2. Congratulations! Beautiful work - one has to appreciate all the work that goes into hand-painted shields in these days of ubiquitous decals (there's no way I would have painted dozens of chi-ro's on my 15's ...)

    1. Thanks Christopher! Most of the shields are with decals...