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Egypt project moves on - first proper battle!

Next level: Chariot Rampant

After trying out Hail Caesar skirmish rules (we stopped the game before finishing, as the rules were so poor), we decided to move on to the Chariot Rampant (Lion Rampant variant) with the adaptation rules found in WSS issue 82. 

Some models I painted (almost ready)

Sherden Guard

Egyptian spearmen

My opponent KALLE with his Hittetees advancing on early phases

My force 24p.

  • Commander
  • Light Chariot unit with chariot runners  4p.
  • Royal Sherden Guard (Foot men at arms) 6p.
  • Spearmen (Foot Serjeants) 4p. 
  • Archers 4p. 
  • Slingers 3p. 
  • Light infantry (Foot Yeomen)  with javelins 3p. 

Open air gaming!

Protect the remains of a great Pharaoh!

Scenario: Egyptian ship transporting the remains of a Pharaof has stranded itself ashore and Hittetee raiders are trying to blunder it, but they are in for a surprise: the ship is heavily guarded and the Prince of Egypt is on his way to help...

Battle started with both sides sending light troops forward to measure the enemy forces.
First blood was drawn by my skirmishers tossing javelins at the enemy skirmishers.

After couple of rounds I managed to roll successfully for my prince to arrive with his
chariot and runners... enemy flank in sight! (Unfortunately there really is no flanks in the game).

Hittitees tried to stop them by some shooting, but to no avail! And so they crashed
into a unit of enemy skirmishers and proceeded to break them! Huzzah!
Further turns saw them to continue their attack and eventually destroyed, but 
they certainly made quite a dent to the enemy force!

Sherdens and the dignitaries guarding the remains of the Pharaoh cheered as the 
reinforcements arrived!

In the meanwhile my skirmishers were driven back... they then kept
failing their morale tests and losing further models while retreating. Eventually they broke and ran, even if they took no further damage from enemies!

So it was time for the hard hitters to move forward and join the fray!
Enemy skirmishers had moved too far on their own and soon my combined
missile and melee attacks decimated them.

My slingers and archers did their best to whittle down Hittitee's Guard, but they 
couldn’t be stopped by stones and arrows - my slingers were slaughtered!

Several melees erupted in the centre of battle field with victories for both armies. Eventually it became evident, that the attack of Hittitees had been stopped and Kalle retired his army from the field. Unfortunately there are no pictures from the final turns of the game.


  • Well, a better gaming experience than the HC skirmish 
  • Still not quite convinced about Rampant either... a bit complex to remember what number is needed on a command to activate a unit to do something, 3” rule seems silly and the rules motivate to keep your distance and shoot, rather then to close in and engage... charging gives no bonus.
  • Adaptations in WSS 82 are good, even if elite Men at arms on foot (dismounted knights basically) with their armour 4 seem too heavily armoured for this era
  • I’d probably play with this ruleset again... at least until I can get my hands on the Bronze Age -version of Mortal Gods (Linkki) or have enough painted for proper Hail Caesar

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