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I'm the watcher on the wall!

First go with Nightswatch on ASOIAF

Having lost all my battles with Starks against Lannisters, it was time to try something else... So I speed painted my 55 points Nightswatch army to face Mikko's (my nemesis on ASOIAF) Wildlings army... see how it all went down... 

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My force

  •  Jon Snow, commander + Ghost
  • NCUs: Maester Aemon & Bowen Marsh
  • Veterans with Jon 
  • 2 X Sworn Brothers with Watch recruiters
  • Ranger Trackers
  • Ranger Hunters
  • Conscripts with Watch recruiter
  • Builder Scorpion

My 55p. force consisted of the NW starter set and couple of additional units:

Scenario: Feast for Crows (points for killing units and units failing morale checks from corps piles, become
more valuable to destroy)


My plan was to do a bit of a refusing flank deployment, which should be doable, as Mikko had so many units. Then I would push for a break through / collapse the wildling battle line from the right. I also waited until the end before deploying my bolt thrower, because I wanted it to threaten at least one of the giants in Mikko's army.  As you can see from below, at least my refused flank plan worked well, I also had two of my three shooting units in my extreme right, they should be able to support the break through... it was just, that there was a giant in the way!

So my shooters pushed forward and let fly against the lone Free Folk raider unit.
Ghost moved forward to block their charge... but rumbling and cracking noises were heard from the woods...

In the center (my left) I turned my units to face enemies approaching

End of round 1. My left flank has turned to face the flank move from Mikko's right flank, while my right flank is already face to face with the enemy...

Round 2. 

In order to buy some time and protect my cavalry, Ghost took one for the team and engaged with the giant...

In the meanwhile, my left flank prepared to welcome the approaching horde...
My Builder scorpion opened the greetings.

Conscripts were also sent to the left

Mid game: Wildling onslaught

Brothers braced themselves, as the whooping horde crashed in to their battle line.

Giant and a unit of Wildlings battered Sworn Brothers quite badly, but gritting
their teeth they held. Luckily Conscripts were moving in. Ranger Trackers were
now behind the enemy and showered the enemy with arrows. Their order makes enemies 
Vulnerable, but this didn’t mean much, as most of them Wildlings have a save of 5+ only.

In the right flank Ghost had done his bit and the cavalry had avoided the giant, but
now he was free again... Ranger Hunters peppered it with some short range shooting.

And then engaged

My Scorpion felled the giant with it’s second shot at it.
This happened at the last moment, as only on Brother was left standing in the unit.
I decided to withdraw the unit, as it was already worth couple of VPs

Closing in for the kill

Wildings had been badly mauled by my units by now.

Veterans and  Jon were 
especially leading by example!

Conscripts certainly covered their worth too and saved the other Sworn Brothers unit with
their flank charge on the Cave Dvellers.



As they say, it’s easy to smile when you’re winning!
This was an important victory for me, as it was my first one, while playing ASOIAF.
This was my fifth game. I’m still trying to figure out how to beat the Lannisters with my Starks... feel free
to leave any hints on the comments!


  • Night’s Watch are a truly powerful army
  • Key to success is to keep healing the units, as you’ll probably be fighting against several enemy units simultaneously
  • Sworn Brothers with their great swords are good for giant hunting, scorpion is even better - don’t hesitate to shoot into melee!
  • One tactical card blocks automatically D3 hits, as giant only makes one hit, this can be blocked... unless I got it wrong somehow
  • Jon Snow seems awesome as the commander, I must learn more about vows to appreciate the Old Bear Mormont more 
  • Mastering this army demands a good understanding and then a coordination of vows and the political board

Another game I had - close fight, but a loss this time

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