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UPDATED! Painting Countdown to New Year

500 painted miniatures here we come!

...whoops it's almost 700 in the end!

It's again that time of the year, when it's time to finish up as many yet unfinished models started this year. Last year's countdown here. Last year I eventually reached 623 completed miniatures, this year I'm aiming to get at least 500 done. As this count down begins I'm standing at:

  • 384 miniatures painted and started from scratch
  • 51 miniatures completed, that were started before 2019
You can also follow my painting on Instgram by name "wanhaherrat"

First batch in the countdown were these 4 Footsore Warring Clans Ashigarus with Yari:

The Command base also received decals, but has been painted earlier this year. Count 439 minis

Few more pictures:

22.12. Count 451 minis

23.12. Count 471

Bolton Bastard Girls for ASOIAF TMG

House Stark variant

Jaken H’gar

25.12. Count 481

Knights of Dol Amroth

Big scary things and Zombies for my 

Others -faction (ASOIAF) / undead armies

27.12. Count 486 minis

Some terrain

29.12. Count 516*

* I noticed a calculation error in my tracking, so 500 was breached already before these minis were finished.

Bolton Cutthroats for ASOAIF

30.12. Count 539

Finnish WW2 troops

Jaegers mounted on bikes, pretty terrible minis from Baker company, slightly converted (head and hand + weapon swaps)

Famous srgnt. Rokka and some converted Finns

Conversions from Warlord plastic sets

US Airborne

Final Inventory & final touches

As the year drew to an end it was time to make an inventory of minis painted during 2019, but not yet considered as ready, and hence not in the count. Many of them just had something very small undone, like adding static grass etc. to bases or so. These were actually quite a few:

So I went on to finalize as many of them as I could, and eventually ended up with the final and amazing number:

  • 600 Miniatures painted from scratch during 2019 (Citadel Contrasts really helped!)
  • 79 miniatures started earlier, but finished during 2019
In addition to this, I believe there is about a hundred minis I've partially painted during 2019, but they are not finished. Last year's score was 623. Read more about 2018 here.

* Graf says 2018, but it's 2019.

Here are pictures of these miniatures recognized in the final inventory. You can also follow my painting on Instgram by name "wanhaherrat"

Greeks and Myths from the Mythic Battlefield Pantheon game

Nights Watch Conscripts & heroes

Star Wars Rebels - Tauntauns

Baltic Pagans (for Saga)

Miniatures mainly from Grippingbeast and Footsore

Dwarves for Saga Age of Magic

More about them here

Middle Kingdom Egyptians (and Sherden)

More about my Bronze Age -project here

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