New Project 2019: Age of Bronze

Bronze Age / New Kingdom Egyptians

This has been a project long in the making. Now, as Warlord Games is finally publishing something that is not about British isles nor Rome - Age of Bronze - I felt, that now I want to do this!

1. Form Ranks!

First thing to do was to clean up, build and base my forces. Basing aims for Hail Caesar and for some skirmishing too...
Pile of lead organized into ranks and files 

Basing factory

Wargames Foundry Chariots in the making

Pharaoh riding his chariot (Wargames Foundry)

Egyptian command, slightly larger models, 
don't remember the producer

Some minis painted (partially) earlier

These Kushite warriors from Cutting Edge Miniatures.
They have already served in our Congo -games

Scout cavalry, these are actually Carthagians I think, 
but suite just fine

Step 2. Sand & Gravel & Spray

I always aim for good balance in efficiency and quality (paint job). So, when I have a
suitable spray to use as a key colour, that would also suite to the base (= some brown hue), I sand the bases before spraying. 

Most of the models now based and undercoated

Option: Plastic Miniatures - kitbashing needed

Currently there are no plastic sets available for the bronze age.
I've been kitbashing sets to come up with these sample models...

Perry Miniatures Mahdist Ansars Sudanese and bits 
from here and there. At least one upper body
is cut from WLG's Ancient Celts

Mahdist with trimmed shields from GW's 
plastic Tomb Kings -range

I've also got few sets of Victrix's Ancient Numidians and I think
they can be kitbashed to Bronze Age troops

Summary of suitable miniature and terrain ranges

Metal minis:

Update June 2019 Painting progress and a first game

Chariot from Foundry, Sherden from Newline designs

Cutting Edge & Foundry

Slingers from Foundry

First Game

Kalle had agreed to paint a small force of Hittitees and we opted
to start playing with Hail Caesar Skirmish rules from the Age of Bronze supplement.
We picked up a scenario were Sea Peoples pirates were attacking a Phoenician ship stranded 
on a beach. Unfortunately the skirmish rules proved to be utter rubbish; the logic of operating each model as an entity just didn't work, especially in the melee. We quitted the game after three rounds and agreed to do it again with Chariot Rampant rules from Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 82

July 2019 update: Chariot Rampant

First game with Chariot rampant played, see battle report here .

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