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SWL: Battle of Hoth, Episode 1.

Episode 1. The Approach

Taan-taan-taan-taan-tadaa-taan-tadaa (March of the Imperium)...

Since I ordered Hoth Rebel Miniatures from Alternative Gaming Miniatures, I had brooded the idea of organising a narrative SWL game about the Battle of Hoth. As FFG then also published more Hoth-models, there was no more delaying it and I started planning. What first was an idea of a mega battle to be played during a day, evolved into a three episode narrative ladder game, where each episode would have an impact to the next game. Read on to see what went down during episode 1.!

Episode 1. Guidelines

Speeders vs. Walkers: speeders have a job to slow down / destroy walkers to give time for evacuation. Luke is in one of the speeders (imperials don’t know which) until he does some shenanigans... number of walkers taken out will have an impact on episode 2.

Scenario objectives & outcomes

  • For each evacuation shuttle destroyed 2p. 
  • For each AT-AT reaching a certain point on a battlefield 1p.
    • Can deploy 2 trooper units in advanced position on Episode 2
  • For each AT-ST surviving 1p.
    • Can be deployed on Episode 2.
    • Heal 50% of wounds they have suffered
  • Dropping named T-47 Airspeeders (Luke, Wedge, Outer Rim) -1p.  each

Stuff I painted for the game

  • For each evacuation shuttle escaped successfully 2p. 
  • For each AT-AT destroyed 3p.
  • For each AT-ST destroyed 1p.
  • Half of survived Air speeders with 50% of suffered wounds healed make it to the Episode 2 
We had invented new rules for Jay's character cards. Leia was able to use command points (1/round) to either Fire the Ion cannon OR Launch Transport and hence evacuate personnel. If the Ion cannon was first fired, the shuttle would escape the Imperial blockade on D6 3+ and D6 5+ with out it.

More freshly painted minis

Special rules

  • Luke is in one of the Outer Rim Jockey -speeders, enemy doesn’t know which, nor do they know any specialist pilots before they make special actions
  • Using tow cables to trip a walker:
      • only Wedge, Luke or a Outer Rim Jockey can do this
      • Requires a critical hit to initiate
      • Speeder needs to use 2-3 activations and make a full circle around the AT-AT
      • One model can only do this once (with several tries if needed)
  • Should Luke’s speeder be shot down
    • Luke survives and is placed next to the crashed speeder next turn - can’t be given a command that turn and can only use the common “standing orders” command card
    • Luke has suffered D3 wounds 
    • Luke can assault a walker he can reach
      • If he manages to reach a “damaged level” (giving a special damage counter), he immediately destroys that walker
    • Luke can only be shot by E-Web heavy blasters


We measured the distance and hence movement activations AT-ATs would need to reach their target area and then deployed accordingly. Rebel airspeeders deployed so, that there would only be round of shooting from AT-ATs before they would fly beyond their fire arc.

Rebel positions sighted!

Rebel troops begin deploying (just visuals,
these units were not part of Episode 1. OOB)

The battle commences

First orders

Red Squadron challenges an AT-ST on Imperial
right flank

Imperial support teams open fire,
these units were first ones to be taken out

While Blue Squadron swoops in from out left flank!

On round 1. Rebel speeders just speeded forward and none of them were shot down.

Round 2.

Round 2. Orders

Wedge Antilles’ shoots the tow cable!

AT-STs try to fend of Rebel speeders

Round 3.

Fight between AT-STs and speeders continue

Wedge is shot down just before completing 
the full circle (that would have tripped the AT-AT down)

Round 4.

They’re coming!

Han and Chewie bolster the morale of rebel defenders

Last AT-ST get's taken out

But Luke also crashes!  Luckily he makes it out from

...and proceeds to attack the nearest AT-AT!

Rounds 5. & 6.

One of the walkers reaches the target zone and
rebel ground forces grip their weapons tighter!

In an epic way Luke takes down an AT-AT!

Final score 9-8 for the Imperium!

How did the scenario work?

I would say pretty well, forces were quite balanced. Rebels managed to fail two 3+ rolls of D6 and hence not score 4 VP. If they would have succeeded even once more, they would have won the day with 1 VP, so it was a close call indeed! They also managed just in the final moments destroy one of the AT-ATs, which scored them 3 VP. None of the AT-ATs were tripped with the cable shot, but it was close...

Stand by for Episode 2.

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