torstai 6. helmikuuta 2020

ASOIAF Campaign started - War of Five Kings

Ten Warlords and Princes fighting for the Iron Throne!

ASOIAF has been rapidly growing at our Nopat & Taktiikka club in Helsinki and as I
love the game and campaign gaming, I decided to run a campaign! You can read more about it on a dedicated page here

This is the physical map from GoT Risk boardgame. I have that at home to view the situation.
We naturally have a digital version too, which is updated as campaign progresses.

Here's the digital version with 3/5 games played of the first round.

My Targaryens

Just last week I got my starter set and starter painting it and playing games with them (so far I've been tabled ones and tabled my opponent in one)

Here are some WIP pictures and some battle pictures of them.

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