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ASOIAF: Activation tokens for Targaryens and Neutrals (Boltons)

A flayed man has no secrets

So I've taken a serious step towards the Dark Side... bit I just couldn't resist these 
activation tokens for Boltons / Neutrals

Step by step pimping and painting

Step 1. Adding balsa wood to get texture

Step. 2. Brown under coat with spray

Step. 3 Dry brushing the wood (light browns) and painting the men with Contrast undercoat Wraithbone

Step. 4 Paint wooden parts with Wyldwood Contrast

Step 4. Paint the men with Fleshtearer Contrast + high ligth

Step 5. Add a thinned (glaze medium) coat of "Blood for the blood god" technical paint and finish basing (with more blood!) 

Activation tokens for House Targaryen

I'm not a fan of the official Deluxe activation banners, so decided to paint up my owns ones. I had plastic dragons available from my ancient Warhammer Mighty Empires campaigns set:

GW WARHAMMER MIGHTY Empires Sprue. Purple 769 - £15.00 | PicClick UK

Mighty Empires | Board Game | BoardGameGeek


 First I undercoated the models with Grey Seer contrast underoat. Then I painted all parts but the wings with Contrast black. After that I painted I painted and high lighted raised areas with Khorne red and with some brighter red. Wings were painted with Contrast paint to get sliding effect

I then painted the Dragon bodies with thinned down Gloss Nuln Black wash

Final touches: black spines to the wings, yellow eyes and basing.

I have two more dragons to go. As these here are painted as Drogon, they will be painted as Rhaegar and Viserion.

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