perjantai 8. toukokuuta 2020

ASOIAF: War of the Five Kings Campaign Concluded

All hail His Grace,

Mika of the House Stark the First of His Name,

King of the Andals,

the Rhoynar, and the First Men, 

and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Decisive roll!

Last game of the fifth round of our campaign was played yesterday 
and it was time to roll the dice...

Our campaign length was designed to be random, as follows:
  • 5th round would  be played on a D6 roll of 2+
  • 6th  round would  be played on a D6 roll of 4+
And the die was cast:

And hence our final result was as follows:

Some conclusions

  • Top 5 players were within 0,9 points of the winner
  • 3 players shared the third players (I was one of them)
  • Mika, whom won only 2/5 battles won the campaign and
  • Marko, whom only won 1/5 battles was third (one of us) with his gold hording strategy

So our campaign clearly was quite balanced and actions outside the actual ASOIAF battles had a significant impact on the results, which was what I wanted. Very pleased how it all went down, except the Covid-19 making the last two rounds more challenging to play (TTS was used quite a bit).

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