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Bolt Action: DAK Army in three weeks

The Last Battle before Covid-19

At our Helsinki area wargaming club Nopat & Taktiikka we often play large battles. As this 10 000 points mega battle was announced and I was invited to join the Axis forces a rapid army painting project started. I only had three infantry and one motorbike with a side car painted, and I had to speed paint (thank god for Contrasts paints) a 1000p. army. And so I did. In just three weeks. 

Read on to see the army and pictures from our mega battle.

The Bike gang

These bikers really fired me up. I like the idea of being able to reposition a unit rapidly and I really liked the models too (Warlord, Perry and one plastic from Rubicon models).

My only tank so far is a Panzer 4, here with an anti-tank gun, but only has the light howitzer option for the first years in Africa.

Infantry by Perry Miniatures - pretty fast to paint

Supports. That MG is from a set I bought used, not sure about the producer, some British one for sure

More bikes, Rubicon model on the right

Command and more support. Different producers.

All the bikes together

10 000 points battle

Pictures include ones taken by other players too, kudos for them!

My army

1 Oberleutnant, 103 pts (SMG; Blitzkrieg; You Men, Snap to Action)
   1 Soldier (SMG x1)
9 Heer Infantry Squad, 143 pts (Rifle x8; LMG x1; Rifle Grenade Adapter x1; At Full Strength; HE (1"); Hitler's Buzzsaw; Indirect Fire; Initiative Training; Loader; Team)
   1 NCO (SMG)

9 Heer Infantry Squad, 143 pts (Rifle x8; LMG x1; Rifle Grenade Adapter x1; At Full Strength; HE (1"); Hitler's Buzzsaw; Indirect Fire; Initiative Training; Loader; Team)
   1 NCO (SMG)

7 Kradschutzen Squad, 162 pts (Rifle x5; LMG x1; SMG x1; Anti-Tank Grenades; At Full Strength; Hitler's Buzzsaw; Initiative Training; Loader; Motorbikes; Tank Hunter; Team)
   1 NCO (SMG; Anti-Tank Grenades; Motorbikes; Tank Hunter)

7 Heer Pioneer Squad, 179 pts (Rifle x1; Flamethrower x1; LMG x1; Rifle Grenade Adapter x1; SMG x4; At Full Strength; Flamethrower; Glider Landing; HE (1"); Hitler's Buzzsaw; Indirect Fire; Initiative Training; Loader; Team; Team)
   1 NCO (SMG)

1 Sd.Kfz 222 Light Armoured Car, 95 pts (Coax MMG; Light Auto Cannon; Escape; Flak; HE (1"); Hitler's Buzzsaw; Open-Topped; Recce)

1 Panzer IV Ausf B - F, 175 pts (Coax MMG; Light Howitzer; MMG (Forward Hull); HE (2"); Hitler's Buzzsaw; Howitzer; Indirect Fire)

A six player game


We were fighting for 4 objectives:

  • The high ground
  • The fuel dunp
  • The small town
  • The depot

My task, with some support from ein Waffenbruder was to capture the town... I would be facing some Americans there

Battle for the town

Enemy commander Tor-Erik watches as German troops secure a
foothold in the town

Americans approach

But the Germans are already in positions

Americans fail to get a foothold and are driven out or killed

Clear victory for DAK in the town (major objective)

Battle for the fuel dumb and the high ground

Most of our mechanised units and tanks were sent for these two objectives

And we faced at least an equal force

 British / Commonwealth forces take the high ground and win this objective.

Fight rages on...

This objective goes to Allied forces if I remember correctly

The side kicks - French and Italians fighting over the ammo depot

For some reason our high command left the last objective for Italians to take care of, I guess our command didn't think of it as very important. Luckily our opponents made a similar choice and forces of Free France engaged ;-) 

Victory for Axis on this objective too!

Over all victory for Axis

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