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Blast from the past: ASOAIF: Campaign Round 5 - two battles for my Targaryens

Facing both Baratheons and Free Folk

As I was leading our campaign after four rounds - and holding King's Landing, I had many enemies...

  • First Mikko (Baratheons) challenged me 
  • Then Heikki announced "The Destruction" event against me (rolling a D6 for all my buildings on the map, destroyed on a 1)
  • And finally Paavo used the "Cut the Snake's Head" -event against me, forcing me to face his Free Folk on a battle field.
So I was facing a big challenge and needed to perform really well to keep my position and possibly win the campaign. To add to the challenge, in our campaign the challenger can choose the scenario to be played, obviously choosing one, that would benefit them over Targaryens... read on to see how I managed!

My Army for Game of Thrones

TARGS GOT 50P. Faction: House Targaryen Commander: Jorah Mormont – Westerosi Tactician Points: 53 (25 Neutral) Combat Units: • Dothraki Screamers (6) with Jorah Mormont – Westerosi Tactician (0) • House Bolton Cutthroats (5) with Bronn – The Sellsword (2) • House Bolton Bastard's Girls (7) with Stormcrow Lieutenant (1) • Dothraki Screamers (6) with Outrider Ko (1) • Stormcrow Mercenaries (5) with Gray Worm - Freed By The Dragon (2*) • Dothraki Screamers (6) with Screamer Ko (1) Non-Combat Units: • Illyrio Mopatis - Magister Of Pentos (3) • Walder Frey - Lord Of The Crossing (5) • Daenerys Targaryen - Khaleesi (4) View this army at

In the end, after many dramatic moments, it was a clear victory for my Targaryens!

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