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Unboxing Blood Rage -kickstarter box

Blood Rage!

I was truly and positively surprised, when UPS delivered a huge box to my door last night: Blood Rage -Kickstarter set! I've been involved in some 5 Kickstarters and this was second of them to be delivered in time. Delivery costs rose to much more than expected - which created quite an upheaval on Kickstarter site, but receiving all this goodiness on schedule kinda makes me forget that...

Read more to see what was in!

Such a great way to end a working week (with a slight cold lingering on me): UPS ringed my doorbell about quarter to five and delivered this huge box to me! Felt like Christmas had come VERY early!

So with my five year old youngest daughter we set to work on opening the box (kids love opening boxes and presents, whether those are theirs or not). The first impression promised a lot: box filled to the brim with good looking boxes and I couldn't even see the actual Game yet!

So we proceeded to lay most of the contents on the table (brown cardboard boxes with basic minis excluded). Besides the actual game box there were all the extras: box of mystical shamans, Gods of Asgard, extra clan: Wildboar and several beautiful creatures from the viking mythologies .

Basic warriors from the Wolfclan and some gaming counters, all very nicely detailed. The figures are crispy, if not quite as crispy as they were shown in the Kickstarter page. Excellent non-the-less. It will be a pleasure to pain these! And oh yes, I joined the kickstarter mainly due to the minis, they are excellent to make a new Joms Viking Warband for Saga and even better for "Of Gods and Mortals" from Osprey (on which we're planning to have a go soon with).

Mystical Creatures were all extensions to the kickstarter, They are by far the cooliest minis in the set. The very mystical, one eyed, 5 year old little girl is obviously the cooliest of them all!

Further extensions: Gods of Asgard (yellow) and the shamans for each clan. Shamans will serve as priests in Saga.

Mythical cratures unboxed. From left to right: Sea Serpent, Fenrir, Mystical troll, Fire giant, wolfman, Mountain giant, Frost Giant (in the back) and a Troll.

The core troops for the clans. Including banner bearers for all clans. Very nice.

The Game all laid out. It's really visual and of high quality. I just started to read the rules; the scope is this; the world (Midgaard)  is coming to an end: Ragnarok! Now is the time to claim glory for your clan to make sure you get your seat in Valhalla. You get glory by beating your opponents in combat... how surprising. Plenty of cards as well - a deck for each player? Let's see!

Started working on the miniatures: washed them with hot water and washing liquid in order to remove any grease left from the production process. This could otherwise hinder paints from catching on the surface.

Further images / blog texts will follow once I get something painted.

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